SUNDAY, JULY 22, 2018

Immunovaccine works with Cato Research in cancer vaccine trial

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia — Immunovaccine Inc. announced Nov. 2 that it entered into an agreement with Cato Research Canada Inc. to assist it in managing an upcoming Phase 1 clinical trial for DPX-0907, a therapeutic vaccine for ovarian, breast and prostate cancer.

“Cato’s impressive clinical experience combined with the clinical team of highly experienced oncologists is essential for bringing our DPX-0907 vaccine through Phase 1 clinical trials,” said Dr. Randal Chase, president and CEO of Immunovaccine.

"Immunovaccine’s preclinical validation of DPX-0907 is encouraging and we look forward to working with them as both a clinical service provider and shareholder,” said Linda Sutton, chief operating officer of Cato.

Following clearance of the Investigational New Drug application by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Immunovaccine will initiate a multi-center U.S. Phase 1 clinical trial. Cato will perform the study setup, monitoring, project management, data management and medical writing for the DPX-0907 Phase 1 clinical trial. This will ensure that the protocol and the study conduct adhere to regulatory requirements and that the FDA accepts the outcomes.

Cato Research is a contract research and development organization with offices in Canada, the United States, Europe, Israel and South Africa. It offers research services for the development of drugs, medical devices and biologics.