489 dengue cases recorded in New Delhi

NEW DELHI -- Twenty five new dengue cases were recorded in Delhi on Friday, taking the number of people affected by the vector-borne disease to 489, health officials told The Times of India on Nov. 6.

The Municipal Corporation of Delhi attributed the rise in dengue cases to stagnant water found at the various under-construction Commonwealth Games sites in the city.

"There are water storages left open at construction sites across Delhi. Many have been notified as breeding areas. We have warned contractors and they should take appropriate action. This is a matter of concern for the MCD," said N.K. Yadav, MCD's chief medical officer.

"There were 25 fresh cases of dengue confirmed today [Nov. 6]. This takes the total number of cases to 489," Yadav said.

The civic agency has laid out an action plan to take strict action to check breeding of mosquitoes that transmit the disease.

"We have prepared information pamphlets and these will be circulated among residents. After the initial period to create awareness, from next week we are going to step up penalizing offenders," Yadav said.

As of Oct. 31, MCD staff had found mosquitoes breeding in 44,107 houses.

"Legal notices were issued to 45,168 people and prosecution action was initiated against 4,963," Yadav said.

So far, the disease has caused the deaths of a 15-year-old boy and a 9-year-old boy.