SUNDAY, JUNE 24, 2018

Novavax launches study of H1N1 VLP Flu Vaccine in Mexico

Novavax Inc. announced Oct. 23 that it has initiated a two-stage clinical study of its virus-like-particle (VLP) H1N1 influenza vaccine in Mexico in collaboration with Avimex Laboratories and GE Healthcare.

Avimex is providing financial support for the trial and is expected to distribute the H1N1 VLP vaccine in Mexico in 2010 if it is approved for commercial sale. In addition, Novavax also announced that GE Healthcare has agreed to support this program by providing its single-use bioprocessing technologies for vaccine production.

"Conducting this clinical trial during a pandemic, when the attack rate of the H1N1 virus is expected to be very high, provides the company with an invaluable opportunity to demonstrate field efficacy of its VLP-based H1N1 vaccine and the utility of the VLP vaccine platform for influenza as a whole," said Dr. Rahul Singhvi, president and CEO of Novavax.