SUNDAY, JUNE 24, 2018

Formulation used to fight bio-terrorism released for commercial use

A U.S. government formulation designed to defend against a bio-terrorism attack is available for commercial use to eliminate the H1N1 Virus, MRSA, SARS and other dangerous bacterium and pathogens found in hospitals, schools and public institutions.

Bio-Rescue kills or neutralizes a wide range of bacterial, biological, viral and chemical threats, including anthrax, ricin and sarin, by spraying surfaces or fogging rooms or HVAC systems — without mixing anything or using any other attachments and without any corrosive effects, according to Vincent Zucchero, president.

The press release also says Bio-Rescue evolves to a non-toxin inactive state, resulting in essentially no environmental impact.

Bio-Rescue is based upon decontamination foam formulations developed by for the Department of Defense by Sandia National Laboratories for emergency cleanup of biological and chemical warfare agents.

The formulation is best known for its role in helping to remediate anthrax-contaminated buildings in Washington, New York and Florida in 2001, but has wide-ranging applications for hospitals, schools, other public institutions and the average homeowner.

The Bio-Rescue formula cleaves chemical/biological organisms or molecules on contact by destroying the chemical structure at a molecular level, thereby disinfecting and neutralizing the treated products or surfaces. The molecular bonds are broken, as opposed to just being covered up.

This method does not allow organisms to develop resistance to Bio-Rescue.