VaxCorps coordinates global vaccine solutions network

VaxCorps forms
VaxCorps forms | Courtesy of
PMG Research, Benchmark Research and Miami Research Associates have joined forces to create VaxCorps, a vaccine site network to advance and develop vaccine solutions.

The goal of VaxCorps is to further innovative solutions for the vaccine industry’s practices, reproduction capabilities and standardization through the industry’s large-scale trials. The network will contain experienced clinical research centers located around the world that are dedicated to conducting vaccine trials among diverse populations.

All of the clinical sites included in VaxCorps have completed more than 500 Phase I-III clinical trials for vaccines to prevent both seasonal and pandemic influenza, as well as other biodefense and infectious health concerns.

VaxCorps has made a commitment to priorities including the highest standards for research excellence, data integrity, subject safety, subject retention, rapid study start-up and rapid enrollment.

“As like-minded organizations, our goals include achieving rapid study start up, collecting evaluable data, and reducing cost, all ultimately aimed at improving patient outcomes and contributing to the advancement of healthcare treatment," PMG Research's senior director of client services Amanda Wright said. "We are confident VaxCorps will bring new solutions to the industry for standardized execution of vaccine trials.”