GeoVax officer to present at World Vaccine Congress

GeoVax Labs, Inc., a biotechnology company that specializes in creating novel human vaccines for HIV and Ebola with its unique platform technology, has announced that the company’s chief scientific officer has been asked to present at the 15th annual World Vaccine Congress on April 8.

Harriet Robinson will present her “Phase 2 Development of a Prophylactic HIV Vaccine” at the event, which gives participants an opportunity to exchange information and learn from one another as they seek to further develop health innovations to improve the scientific and strategic methods of the vaccine industry. Attendees will include business leaders, government officials and scientific stakeholders.

The most current programs at GeoVax are vaccines for Ebola and Marburg viruses and HIV. The company seeks to remedy currently unmet medical needs for the good of people around the world. The unique platform technology at GeoVax allows its researchers to create non-infectious virus-like particles (VLPs) directly from the cells of the subject that is to receive the vaccine. This eliminates any need to purify VLPs for vaccines, which saves time and resources. Creating VLPs in an individual creates a replica of a natural infection, which trains the immune system to recognize and eliminate a real infection.

The conference in Washington, D.C., will run from April 7-9.