SUNDAY, MAY 20, 2018

VaxCorps forms network of clinical research centers

VaxCorps forms
VaxCorps forms | Courtesy of
The VaxCorps network has recently formed from a group of experienced, geographically diverse clinical research centers that specialize in vaccine trials for pediatric, elderly and healthy adult populations.

The trials have included vaccines for both seasonal and pandemic influenza as well as biodefense and infectious illnesses. VaxCorps clinical sites have conducted more than 500 successful Phase I-IV clinical trials for vaccines.

VaxCorps has committed itself and its members to the best standards for subject safety, research excellence, data integrity, outstanding subject retention, rapid study startup and enrollment. Its members --  including Miami Research Associates (MRA), Piedmont Medical Group (PMG) and Benchmark Research -- are already renowned leaders in the global vaccine industry. 

MRA, PMG and Benchmark were recently chosen by their peers and clients as finalists in the 2015 World Vaccine Congress’ Industry Excellence Awards.