SUNDAY, JUNE 17, 2018

Recto recalls the fallen 27,000 on World TB Day in Philippines

Philippines celebrates World TB Day
Philippines celebrates World TB Day | Courtesy of
Philippines Sen. Ralph Recto has asked his nation's government to remember that tuberculosis (TB) claims 27,000 Philippine lives each year as health professionals prepare for World TB Day.

Recto asked the government to put TB's impact in perspective. Since 1990, TB has claimed 747,000 lives. This number is six times San Juan City's population.

"It kills 75 a day, more than the 67 policemen, rebels and civilians who died in the Mamasapano tragedy,” Recto said. “TB is a massacre which happens daily. It is our country's no. 8 top killer."

Leaders insist there is much to be done to eliminate TB.

"But even if we cure more people, more new cases crop up every year," Recto said. "In 2013, 229,918 new cases were reported. We have 26 new TB patients every hour. In 2012, one in 10 of new cases, or 22,000, were children."

Progress has been made as the Philippines seeks to eliminate TB completely. The nation has achieved a cure rate of 88 percent, which is above the average worldwide cure rate.