Study shows Illinois college students lack measles immunizations

On-campus residents lack measles vaccination records in Illinois
On-campus residents lack measles vaccination records in Illinois | Courtesy of
According to a report from NBC 5 Investigates, over one-third of colleges and universities in Illinois have allowed students to live on campus without having proof of receiving measles vaccinations and over half of those schools allowed students without immunizations to live on campus at rates considered to be risky by many health professionals.

There have been 15 people confirmed to have measles in the Chicago area this year, including a student attending Elgin Community College.

Full-time, residential students attending public and private colleges and universities are more at risk to catch measles than other Illinois residents because they spend all day and night in close proximity to other people. These extended proximities and the stress and exhaustion of college life increases the risk of a measles outbreak.

On 13 campuses in Illinois, records state that only 5 percent of the college students have not received vaccinations for measles. This statistic rises to over 10 percent at five other schools. At The School of the Art Institute and Concordia, over one out of every four students has not received a measles vaccine.

“It is our belief that most students have received their immunization and simply have not submitted their immunization records,” a spokeswoman from the School of The Art Institute said.