Annual New Technologies, New Vaccines conference to begin Sunday

10th Annual New Technologies, New Vaccines conference meets in Delaware
10th Annual New Technologies, New Vaccines conference meets in Delaware | Courtesy of
World health industry leaders will meet for the 10th Annual New Technologies, New Vaccines conference Sunday through Wednesday in Wilmington, Delaware.

Over 100 business owners, representatives of regulatory agencies and scientists traveled from across the globe to attend the conference. The leaders will exchange their latest discoveries and advancements as they battle against deadly diseases and potential future pandemics like HIV, Ebola and influenza strains.

The conference will focus on the role of new technologies in advancing new vaccine candidates. The technological advancements will enable researchers to create novel, safe and effective formula for vaccines via better delivery mechanisms and drug-enhancing agents. These new methods will be less expensive, less time consuming, and less dangerous that traditional methods from the past.

Presenters will include Kathryn Zoon, director of the Division of Intramural Research at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases; renowned world vaccine expert George Siber; and Stanley Plotkin, professor emeritus at the University of Pennsylvania and consultant to biotechnology and vaccine manufacturing companies and non-profit research organizations.

“The program ends on Wednesday afternoon, following three days of sharing new knowledge, facilitating discussions and potential collaborations and fostering additional discoveries and development of new tools for effective prevention of global epidemic threats among representatives from academic research, government and industry,” executive director of conference organizer Fraunhofer USA CMB Vidadi Yusibov said.