SUNDAY, MAY 20, 2018

Nano therapeutics receives financing for Fla. facility

Nanotherapeutics, Inc., an integrated biopharmaceutical company, recently received $28.5 million in financing from White Oak Global Advisors, LLC to finish the company’s new facility in Alachua, Florida.

The 180,000-square-foot building will be dedicated to flexible biologics manufacturing. Dubbed the NANO-ADM (Advanced Development and Manufacturing) facility, the building will host the development of cGMP manufacturing of biopharmaceutical products at the preclinical and clinical stages.

The facility will enable the company to broaden its variety of drug development services. Nanotherapeutics plans to create additional partnerships with companies and governments to continue to receive funding to help fully develop its internal pipeline structure.

San Francisco-based White Oak Global Advisors, LLC is a SEC-registered investment adviser. It grants private debt financing for companies in the middle market region so that the companies can grow.

Nanotherapeutics creates, produces and distributes products for infectious disease, biodefense and influenza. The global company specializes in preclinical and clinical development, cGMP manufacturing, and formulation optimization. It uses a platform technology that works with all different types of drugs, whether proteins, molecules or vaccines.