Frequency of measles vaccine discussions rises by 500%

Social media conversations about the pros and cons of vaccinations in light of the recent measles outbreak in the United States have increased by 500 percent, according to an analysis conducted by Treato. 

The company tracked more than 120,000 online posts by patients and caregivers. It found that participants in 75 percent of measles-related conversations supported the vaccine while 25 percent of participants opposed it. 

Autism was the most frequently cited reason for not receiving the vaccine in the social media conversations. The measles vaccine is mentioned in correlation with autism approximately 25 percent more than other common childhood vaccines.

As for measles treatments, Vitamin A was the most frequently mentioned option, although there currently is no medical treatment available. 

The most vocal states about the measles outbreak were Texas, New York and California.

Partnered with 12 of the 50 top pharmaceutical companies, Treato provides health insights by implementing analytics and data technology to gather information from online discussions. Thus far, Treato has analyzed 2 billion posts, and it continues adding to that sum each day.

Treato is privately held, and has offices in  Israel and Princeton, New Jersey.