CDC releases measles outbreak overview

The Measles virus
The Measles virus | Courtesy of the CDC

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Friday released an overview of the measles outbreak that has affected 125 individuals in the United States.

The first reported case of measles was reported to the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) on Jan. 5. The patient was an unvaccinated 11-year-old who had shown a rash beginning on Dec. 28. Four additional cases were reported to the CDPH and two were reported to the Utah Department of Health. These affected individuals had all been to one or both Disney theme parks located in Orange County.

As of Feb. 11, there have been 110 cases consisting of California residents and 15 from other states. According to the CDC, 39 of these patients had been to the Disney parks between Dec. 17 and 20. Thirty-four others were secondary infections, 26 of whom were considered to be familial or otherwise to have been in close contact. Thirty-seven California cases have an undetermined source.

The source of the virus' origin is unclear as the genotype of 30 cases matched strains that have appeared in 15 other countries and six states. The Philippines have reported a large outbreak of the same strain, measles genotype B3, as well.

In California, 49 patients were unvaccinated individuals and 47 patients had unclear vaccination histories. Of the 49 cases known to be unvaccinated, 28 were unvaccinated by choice.