Vaccine trial expands to Sierra Leone due to new Ebola case

In light of a new Ebola virus case detected in Kambia, Sierra Leone, the first “ring vaccination” use of an experimental vaccine for Ebola has been launched in Sierra Leone. Read More »

Health workers waste costly malaria drugs in Nigeria

Research shows that health providers who are trained to use malaria rapid diagnostic tests (RDT) continue to prescribe costly malaria medicines to people who do not have the illness. Read More »

International program launched to fight HIV and improve sexual health

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs recently announced that it is ready to launch a new international program in 2016 that is designed to fight HIV and encourage young people to improve their sexual health. Read More »

Kuwait sends 100,000 TB vaccines to Sudan

Kuwait recently donated approximately 100,000 tuberculosis (TB) vaccines to Sudan as an initial humanitarian aid package. Read More »

New HIV cases under investigation in southeastern Indiana

The Indiana Department of Health is currently investigation new HIV cases found in southeastern Indiana. Read More »

ADMA Biologics receives patent for immunodeficiency treatment

ADMA Biologics, Inc., a late-stage biopharmaceutical company, said Monday it has received a patient for its treatment of immunodeficiency. Read More »

Political, medical leaders discuss 21st Century Cures Act legislation

Political and medical leaders held a roundtable discussion on Tuesday at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas about the new 21st Century Cures Act and the future of U.S. biomedical science. The act legislation would support biomedical research that is currently underway to cure diseases. Read More »

Study hints at wrinkle in polio eradication effort

Eradication of polio is a very real possibility, with Pakistan and Afghanistan being the only two countries that have yet to be declared polio-free. However, a study published Thursday in PLOS Pathogens suggests a possible complication to efforts to eradicate the viral disease. Read More »

Indiana investigating rash of HIV cases

The Indiana Department of Health said Friday it is investigating recent reports of HIV cases in southeastern Indiana. The new cases were identified through community outreach testing in response to an HIV outbreak thought to have been caused by injection drug abuse. Read More »

Vaxart works to advance oral tablet vaccines

Vaxart Inc. is creating a broad range of vaccines that are designed to be taken orally in tablet form rather than by a needle. Read More »

HIV treatments at work save company money

Companies that offer antiretroviral therapy programs for people with HIV within the workplace can save themselves costs through reducing absenteeism, staff turnover and healthcare costs. Read More »

Measles outbreak in Democratic Republic of Congo grows worse

The current measles epidemic in the Katanga province within the Democratic Republic of Congo continues to grow worse. Read More »

Cirrhosis antibodies heighten poor outcome risk for autoimmune hepatitis patients

A recent study shows that cirrhosis at first diagnosis as well as antibodies used to treat soluble liver antigen/liver pancreas antigen (SLA/LP) both increase the risks of poor outcomes, short-term and long-term, for patients who have autoimmune hepatitis. Read More »

MERS update released on Jordan

The Center for Health Protection (CHP) of the Department of Health recently released an update about the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) situation currently taking place in Jordan. Read More »

Flu study develops novel vaccine technology

A new vaccine technology may allow manufacturers to create seasonal flu and avian influenza pandemic vaccines more effectively and efficiently. Read More »

NIH funds research for combining genomic information, electronic records

Researchers have received award grants from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to find ways to combine genomic information with electronic medical records. Read More »

Novavax's RSV vaccine for seniors shows promise in Phase Two trials

F-protein vaccine is the first attempt to vaccinate for RSV that has shown effectiveness in any population. Read More »

Admedus utilizing Medidata technology

Australian firm's cloud technology will help health care provider develop genital herpes vaccine. Read More »

Labs confirm pertussis cases in England

Researchers recently released a report confirming that laboratories have verified pertussis cases in England. Read More »

WHO using ring vaccine approach against Ebola

Experimental approach being used to combat latest case in Sierra Leone Read More »