MONDAY, MARCH 19, 2018

Studies question how statins affect flu vaccines in seniors

Two new studies may suggest that cholesterol-reducing drugs, called statins, may negatively affect the immune response that the influenza vaccine is designed to generate in older adults. Read More »

New vaccine provides full protection against malaria

Aduro Biotech Inc. and Protein Potential LLC recently announced that representatives will present details with pre-clinical data about a new vaccine that offers 100 percent protection against malaria in models. Read More »

International group reviews politics of Ebola response

The International Crisis Group recently reported on the various politics involved in the Ebola crisis that reached its height in the middle of 2014. Read More »

Health workers say turning down flu vaccines costs lives

Health professionals recently reported that when people say no to influenza vaccines, it costs others their lives. Read More »

European Parliament increases funding for polio fight

The European Parliament recently passed three new amendments designed to increase funding in the E.U. for polio elimination. Read More »

World Health Organization receives update on MERS cases

Hong Kong's Centre for Health Protection (CHP), a branch of the Department of Health, recently issued an update to the World Health Organization (WHO) about the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) situation in Saudi Arabia. Read More »

Most parents decide on vaccines before having children

A recent study shows that an estimated three-quarters parents choose whether they want their children to receive vaccines before they even become pregnant. Read More »

Saint Louis University receives NIH contract for omics research

The Vaccine and Treatment Evaluation Unit of Saint Louis University recently gained a contract with the National Institutes of Health for the scientists’ “omics” research initiative, which studies the efficacy and safety of vaccines and similar methods of fighting infectious diseases. Read More »

Patent dispute in South Africa limits access to HIV medicine

Health professionals have called for leaders in South Africa to override patents to stop the widespread stock shortage of HIV medicine as doctors have been forced to send patients home without drugs because the pharmaceutical company AbbVie refuses to provide a license for generic manufacture. Read More »

European researchers initiate project to create HIV vaccine

The European Commission recently financed the European AIDS Vaccine Initiative (EAVI2020) that unites top HIV scientists from biotech companies and public organizations from around the world to create HIV vaccines. Read More »

Hong Kong officials issue dengue fever update

The Centre for Health Protection, a branch of the Department of Health, recently made an announcement about the number of dengue fever (DF) cases located in Hong Kong. Read More »