InDevR launches VaxArray for all bioprocessing stages

InDevR Inc., an innovative life science company specializing in enhancing biopharmaceutical and vaccine production, recently announced that it has launched its potency assay called VaxArray, a re-branded version of InDevR’s previously Influenza Titer on Chip or Flu-ToC. Read More »

Microfluidic cell-squeezing tool shows promise for cell-based vaccines

Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers recently demonstrated a microfluidic cell-squeezing device that introduces antigens to the body’s immune system’s B cells, a tool that may open a new approach to creating and implementing cell-based, antigen-presenting vaccines. Read More »

Visterra collaborates with A*STAR to make monoclonal antibody for dengue

Visterra Inc., a clinical-stage biotechnology company with a unique technology platform to discover disease targets and create novel treatments for infectious diseases, and the Agency for Science, Technology and Research’s (A*STAR) Drug Discovery and Development (D3) unit, recently partnered to create VIS513 -- Visterra’s treatment that uses broadly neutralizing antibodies to fight dengue fever. Read More »

AIDS vaccine research finds stride at UC Santa Cruz

There’s a lab operating in the Center for Biomolecular Science and Engineering at the University of California, Santa Cruz, where a veteran AIDS vaccine researcher has developed new vaccine candidates that are promising enough to consider advancing into clinical trials possibly within the next two years. Read More »

Vaccines for avian influenza H5N1, H5N9 strains created

Kansas State University researchers use Newcastle disease virus to create both vaccines Read More »

Red Cross helps rebuild Sierra Leone's health care system

Repairing health services ravaged by Ebola outbreak begins with door-to-door vaccines Read More »

Alex Martin named CEO of PuriCore

Martin will be based at company's headquarters in Pennsylvania. Read More »

World Health Assembly attendees call for more affordable vaccines

Vaccine prices 68 times greater than they were in 2001 Read More »

World Health Assembly discusses antimicrobial resistance, immunization gaps

Delegates support global plan to solve antimicrobial resistance, vaccine accessibility Read More »

World Health Assembly discusses healthcare regulations and applications

The World Health Assembly recently met to discuss a variety of health concerns, including polio eradication, application of the International Health Regulations (2005) and surgical care. Read More »

Hawaii Biotech and University of Hawaii making progress on Ebola vaccine

Hawaii Biotech and the University of Hawaii’s John A. Burns School of Medicine may soon begin human trials on a vaccine to prevent Ebola Read More »

PositiveID discovers influenza with Firefly Dx prototype

PositiveID Corp., a company that develops biological detection and diagnostics solutions, recently announced that its new Firefly Dx breadboard prototype polymerase chain reaction (PCR) pathogen detection system has been successful in detecting influenza. Read More »

Inovio and GeneOne collaborate for MERS treatment development

Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc. has partnered with GeneOne Life Science Inc., an international developer and manufacturer of DNA vaccines and an equity interest of Inovio, to further advance Inovio’s DNA vaccine for Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS). Read More »

Meningitis vaccine shortages are critical in Niger

A meningitis vaccine shortage has jeopardized the fight against meningitis in Niger, where more than 6,000 suspected meningitis cases and 443 deaths related to meningitis have occurred in the past three months. Read More »

Potential vaccine may lower blood pressure

According to new research from Hypertension, a journal from the American Heart Association, a future vaccine may help to lower blood pressure over the long term. Read More »

HIV outbreak in Indiana stands at 162

Indiana state health officials issued an update about the current HIV outbreak in Southeastern Indiana on Tuesday, reporting the number of HIV cases stands at 162, three of which have tested preliminary positive. Read More »

US citizen traveling from Liberia dies from Lassa fever

Health professionals from the New Jersey Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently confirmed that a U.S. traveler returning from Liberia died from Lassa fever. Read More »

Evidence suggests early anti-retroviral therapy helps HIV patients

UNAIDS recently announced new evidence suggests that beginning anti-retroviral therapy with a higher CD4, which is a measurement of the health of the patient’s immune system, may positively impact the well-being and health of HIV patients. Read More »

$50 million grant seeks to combat cholera in Haiti

The International Development Association (IDA) recently donated $50 million to improve sanitation and provide clean water in the small towns and rural regions affected by cholera in Haiti. Read More »

Post Holdings updates on avian influenza outbreak

A recent announcement from Post Holdings, Inc., a holding company of consumer packaged goods, revealed information about how the recent outbreak of avian influenza has impacted the company’s egg business. Read More »