Latest update for Indiana HIV outbreak

Health professionals recently released the latest update concerning the HIV outbreak in southeastern Indiana. Read More »

Study examines neurological damage in HIV patients

Researchers recently conducted a study to determine the reason why a significant number of HIV patients have neurological damage due to chronic inflammation stimulated by the patients’ immune system defenses. Read More »

Maine CDC urges baby boomers to get hepatitis C test

The Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention, part of the state's Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), encourages the public, specifically baby boomers, to test for hepatitis C, HHS said on Thursday. Hepatitis C treatments effectively cure approximately 95 percent of hepatitis C infections. As part of observing National Hepatitis Awareness Month in May, testing days are scheduled throughout the month. Read More »

New test may detect resistant TB faster

A new testing technique created by a University College London team can genetically sequence tuberculosis bacteria (Mtb) from samples, reducing testing time to mere days and improving treatments, control of the disease, and management of outbreaks. Read More »

Study: Males get some HPV cancer protection when female partners vaccinated

A recent study conducted in the Netherlands shows that males indirectly benefit when female sex partners receive the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine, but that males are still at risk for certain cancers that are associated with HPV. Because HPV is one of the most common sexually transmitted infections, many nations require females to receive vaccinations for the virus. The vaccine is intended to protect females from contracting cervical cancer. Read More »

VaxInnate adds to senior management team

Lynda Tussey promoted to chief scientific officer; three others join senior management Read More »

Addiction counseling crucial to Southeastern Indiana HIV outbreak response

Health professionals state that addiction treatment services are a crucial component of responding to the recent HIV outbreak in Southeastern Indiana. Read More »

GSK responds to O’Neill Review's antibiotic resistance report

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) recently issued a statement about the latest antibiotic resistance report published by the O’Neill Review, saying it anticipates further innovations for major health concerns and it looks forward to partnerships between companies and industries that will enable health professionals to better serve their communities. Read More »

Tessier-Lavigne leaves Pfizer board for Denali post

Pfizer Inc. has announced Marc Tessier-Lavigne stepped down from the company’s board of directors Thursday. Read More »

VBI Vaccines to present at Modern Vaccines Adjuvants & Delivery Systems Conference

VBI Vaccines will make a presentation titled “Optimization of the Process for Making Clinical Supplies of an Enveloped Virus-like Particle for Cytomegalovirus (CMV)” Monday at the Modern Vaccines Adjuvants & Delivery Systems Conference. Read More »

Advance made in pursuit of vaccine for E. coli strains

Researchers have discovered an antibody with unusual characteristics that may inspire improvements for scientists to create more effective vaccines for pathogens, including urinary-tract infecting E. coli strains. Read More »

CDC reports decrease in foodborne infections in 2014

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently released data that shows a decrease in certain foodborne infections in  2014. Read More »

USDA developing backup vaccine for two bird flu strains

The USDA is developing a vaccine to fight the highly pathogenic avian flu strains H5N2 and H5N8 currently threatening poultry flocks around the country. Read More »

Burundi refugees' deaths linked to diarrhea outbreak in Tanzania

Seven Burundi refugees recently died from a diarrhea outbreak in a refugee camp in Tanzania, prompting the United Nations refugee agency to take active steps against the illness. Read More »

UNAIDS encourages commitment to creating HIV vaccine

As part of its commemoration of HIV Vaccine Awareness Day, UNAIDS encouraged health professionals in the global health community to sustain their commitment to developing an effective HIV vaccine. Read More »

Tuberculosis testing market estimated to expand by 2020

Experts from Transparency Market Research have recently estimated that the worldwide tuberculosis (TB) testing market will reach $2,619.4 million (USD) by the year 2020. Read More »

Report details responsibilities of health professionals treating Ebola

The recent Ebola outbreak revealed many practical and ethical concerns about the obligations and responsibilities of health care workers, which has led to a reopening of the risk-benefit debates that originated at the beginning of the AIDS epidemic. Read More »

Summer 2014 Norovirus outbreak connected to Oregon lake

Multnomah County public health professionals recently announced their investigation has shown last summer's norovirus outbreak in Oregon was connected to Blue Lake Regional Park, a natural park that is used by many people in the area. Read More »

LabCorp shares 2 new hepatitis C virus drug resistance assays

HCV NS5A and NS5B join company's HCV GenoSure NS3/4A in battling hep C Read More »

New antimicrobials kill multi-drug resistant TB strains in minutes

Lakewood-Amedex bisphosphocin antimicrobials effective in just 15 minutes. Read More »