Data suggest low vaccination rates, measles outbreak related

Researchers at Boston Children’s Hospital recently published a report from epidemiological data that suggest there is a correlation between low vaccination rates and the measles outbreak of 2015. The researchers said the general population has received far fewer vaccines than what is needed to stop a measles outbreak. Read More »

Study: Zinc lozenges may shorten cold symptoms' duration

Recent research indicates that high doses of zinc acetate lozenges may be key to easing the symptoms that people experience when they catch the common cold. The meta-analysis, published by BMC Family Practice, suggests that these doses may shorten symptoms by 34 percent in the case of nasal discharge, 37 percent for nasal congestion, 46 percent for coughs and 33 percent for scratchy throats. Read More »

First patient joins chikungunya and dengue safety risk study

The first patient recently joined the Cerus Corp. study, in collaboration with the American Red Cross, to determine the safety risks of INTERCEPT Blood System platelets to treat chikungunya and dengue virus. Read More »

Nano therapeutics receives financing for Fla. facility

White Oak Global invests $28.5 million in NANO-ADM project. Read More »

Tuberculosis decline too slow to eliminate virus this century

TB rates fell by 6% in 2013 throughout EU/EEA. Read More »

Novel synthetic compound may prevent type 1 diabetes

Scripps Research Institute study shows SR1001 prevents diabetes in animals. Read More »

Shantha, Sanofi to provide 37 million immunizations worldwide

As part of an international tender that lasts two years, Sanofi Pasteur, a vaccine branch of Sanofi, recently announced that its partner Shantha Biotechnics has been awarded the opportunity to provide 37 million Shan5™ doses to worldwide health organizations. Read More »

Annual New Technologies, New Vaccines conference to begin Sunday

World leaders of the health industry will meet for the 10th Annual New Technologies, New Vaccine conference on March 22-25 in Wilmington, Delaware. Read More »

Sinovac updates public on pipeline vaccines

Sinovac Biotech, Ltd., a leading biopharmaceutical company in China, recently revealed the latest updates about its pipeline vaccines. Read More »

Oklahoma, Texas had most activity for 2014-2015 flu season

According to records that the Walgreens Flu Index has gathered throughout the 2014-2015 flu season, Oklahoma and Texas had the highest levels of influenza activity. Read More »

Misperceptions prevent children from receiving tickborne disease treatments

A recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that common misperceptions are preventing children from receiving lifesaving treatments for tickborne diseases. Read More »

360,000 TB cases reported in Europe in 2013

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) and World Health Organization/Europe announced that 1,000 people in Europe contracted tuberculosis (TB) each day in 2013, amounting to 360,000 Europeans. Read More »

HIV less infectious than originally believed

Researchers have found that people living with HIV may not be as infectious as the medical community originally thought. Read More »

Malaria vaccine trial conducted in Equatorial Guinea

The first clinical trial of PfSPZ, a novel malaria vaccine developed by a U.S. biotechnology company called Sanaria, was hosted in Equatorial Guinea. Read More »

IAVI searchers for presidential successor as McGlynn steps down

The Board of Directors at the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) has begun its search for a new president as Margaret McGlynn is stepping down from her role as president and CEO. Read More »

Allergy Therapeutics receives $30 million for grass allergy vaccine

Allergy Therapeutics, based in Worthing, U.K., recently received $30 million to help the company recover from a damaging delay that took place in 2007. Read More »

Alere and FIND lengthen partnership for malaria and sleeping sickness tests

Standard Diagnostics/Alere, a worldwide rapid diagnostics company, has extended its partnership with FIND, a global non-profit that supports companies creating diagnostics for illnesses in poverty-stricken areas. Read More »

Study shows Illinois college students lack measles immunizations

According to a report from NBC 5 Investigates, over one-third of colleges and universities in Illinois have allowed students to live on campus without having proof of receiving measles vaccinations and over half of those schools allowed students without immunizations to live on campus at rates considered to be risky by many health professionals. Read More »

Pfizer publishes pneumonia immunization trial results

Pfizer Inc. recently published its findings from the company’s Community-Acquired Pneumonia Immunization Trial in Adults (CAPiTA). Read More »

Bogota meeting discusses dengue prevention

BodySpecialists recently discussed how to prevent the spread of dengue fever in the Americas at a meeting that took place in Bogota. Read More »