FDA approves new chronic hepatitis C genotype 3 infection treatment

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Daklinza, or declatasvir, to be used with sofosbuvir as treatments for hepatitis C virus (HCV) genotype 3 infections on Friday. Read More »

Global effort to eliminate polio reaches milestones

Ellyn Ogden, the worldwide polio eradication coordinator for the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the senior technical adviser for health and child survival, recently held a question-and-answer session about the milestones that have been reached in polio elimination. Read More »

More than half of Americans unaware of hepatitis B vaccine

A national poll from REPASS Research and Strategic Consulting recently showed that more than 50 percent of Americans are not aware that there is a vaccine that is designed to protect them from the hepatitis B virus. Read More »

Dr. In-Kyu Yoon named director of Dengue Vaccine Initiative

Dr. In-Kyu Yoon was recently named the new director of the Dengue Vaccine Initiative (DVI). Read More »

Africa on brink of severe meningitis outbreak

Health professionals have reported that Africa is at a high risk for a large meningitis outbreak. Read More »

3D malaria image important to antimalarial drugs

Researchers have captured the first 3D image of an important malaria “conductor” protein that could help scientists develop a new kind of antimalarial drugs. Read More »

Strong diabetes and TB connection discovered in Australia

Researchers at Australia’s James Cook University discovered a strong connection between tuberculosis (TB) and diabetes in the nation’s tropical region in a study published the American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. Read More »

New MERS vaccine promising in animal studies

A new Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) vaccine has shown positive results provoking immune responses in rhesus macaques and mice. Read More »

Study finds malaria test decreases overprescription of drugs

The use of malaria rapid diagnostic tests located in registered drug shops in Uganda has significantly reduced the rates of malaria overdiagnosis, a study published in PLOS ONE. Read More »

Polio vaccines reach children in Yemen

WHO and UNICEF able to deliver vaccines during humanitarian pause in region's conflict. Read More »

Severe shortage of meningitis vaccines in West Africa

Agencies and partners of the United Nations recently announced a warning about an “acute shortage” of meningitis vaccines in West Africa. Read More »

Skin immune cells remember and fight against parasites

University of Pennsylvania study finds T cells living in skin act just as other immune system cells do. Read More »

Hepatitis B remains global health concern

Hepatitis B remains a global health concern as hepatitis B infections continue to be one of the most common infectious diseases around the world. Read More »

FIND and QIAGEN improve collaboration for novel TB tests

FIND and QIAGEN recently signed a memorandum of understanding for the next five years that will formalize their collaboration in furthering diagnostic tests for tuberculosis. Read More »

WHO urges stronger malaria elimination strategy

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently urged health professionals to strengthen their malaria elimination strategy because approximately 3.2 billion people are still considered at risk for contracting malaria. The WHO said that malaria control and elimination may be attained by targeting malarial parasites that are less fatal. Even though these parasites are less deadly, they are now responsible for the high disease burden. Read More »

Chagas disease vaccine grant awarded to Texas Children’s Hospital Center

Texas Children’s Hospital Center for Vaccine Development and the Sabin Vaccine Institute recently received a grant to develop the first therapeutic vaccine for Chagas disease. Read More »

Vaccine rates fail to meet goals among older adults

Paper cites numerous factors that influence underutilization of vaccines in seniors. Read More »

New Mexico offering Got Shots? Protect Tots! vaccination program

Free to no-cost vaccines available to children through Aug. 15. Read More »

Survey shows many adolescents not receiving HPV vaccine

According to data taken from the 2014 National Immunization Survey – Teen (NIS- Teen), many adolescent boys and girls are not receiving the vaccine for human papillomavirus (HPV). Read More »

Studying wildlife may help understanding of human antibiotic resistance

A team of scientists from Virginia Tech recently reported that studying the lifestyle differences between wildlife species may help researchers better understand how antibiotic resistance works and spreads. Read More »