India denies Gilead's hepatitis C drug patent

India rejected Gilead's patent request for Sofosbuvir, a new hepatitis C (HCV) drug therapy, on Wednesday, a move that will allow other manufacturers to produce generic forms of the medication. Read More »

Researchers test antimalarial treatment for anemic children

A study conducted recently by the Cochrane Infectious Disease Group in South Africa and Tanzania found that intermittent preventive antimalarial treatment (IPT) in anemic children did not lessen the chance that they would contact malaria. Read More »

Report: Current flu vaccine cuts contraction risk by 23 percent

A recent story in the journal Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report said the flu vaccine this season has lowered a person’s risk of contracting the flu by 23 percent among individuals of all ages. Read More »

New antiretroviral drug shows promise as HIV vaccine

New anti-HIV drugs may protect users against the potentially deadly infection, but they must be taken as prescribed, studies by Rockefeller University and the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center (ADARC), published recently in Science Translational Medicine, said. Read More »

Measles spread through Orange County

Health officials in California’s Orange County have now confirmed a total of sixteen measles cases. Read More »

Ebola vaccine clinical trial receives funding

Thanks to more than $249 million US funds financing the team’s research, the EU Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) recently announced that the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine has started to plan clinical trials for an Ebola vaccine. Read More »

Okla. tops Walgreens' Flu Index report

Walgreens released its Flu Index report for the week of Jan. 19 today. Read More »

DynPort Vaccine receives 10-year $90 million NIAID contract

DynPort Vaccine Company (DVC) LLC recently received a follow-on contract worth $90 million to continue to assist the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) with Phase 1 clinical trials for infectious disease therapeutics. Read More »

California Immunization Coalition Summit set for April

The 2015 California Immunization Coalition Summit -- “Ready, Set, Vaccinate!” -- will take place April 26-27 at the Mission Inn in Riverside, Calif., the coalition said on its website. Read More »

Study: Monoclonal antibodies can block heroin's effects

A study at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health finds that immunotherapy may have a place in the treatment of substance abuse, the institute said Tuesday. Read More »

Ebola treatments could be affected by virus mutations

A recent study identified genetic mutations in the strain of Ebola virus behind the current outbreak in West Africa that could hinder potential sequence-based treatment options. Read More »

New research may improve influenza treatment

A study of 10 years of data on human influenza B has provided novel information on the evolution and composition of the flu virus, which may lead to improved immunization programs using more precise targeting vaccines. Read More »

Systems biology pioneer named an AAAS fellow

The American Association for the Advancement of Science recently named Alan Aderem a fellow in the esteemed organization. Read More »

Johnson & Johnson joins global Janssen Ebola vaccine effort

Johnson & Johnson recently said it has partnered with top global research institutions and nongovernment organizations to help Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies accelerate testing and approval of its new Ebola vaccine through separate projects. Read More »

PaxVax COO adds 'president' to his title

PaxVax Chief Operating Officer Nima Farzan has been appointed president of the company, the firm said Wednesday. Read More »

Only half of girls receive HPV vaccine at recommended age

New research undertaken by the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) at Galveston reveals only about half of girls receive the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine at the recommended age. Read More »

Group urges Pfizer, Glaxo to lower vaccine prices for poor nations

Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) is asking pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline to reduce the cost of vaccines in the world's poorest countries, vaccine newsletter FierceVaccines said Tuesday. Read More »

NIH's Fogarty Center offers research training on global diseases

The Fogarty International Center at the National Institutes of Health recently launched a new research training program with a focus on global infectious diseases. Read More »

Goosby selected as UN Special Envoy on Tuberculosis

The United Nations Secret General selected Dr. Eric P. Read More »

California whooping cough epidemic spreads

Whooping cough (also called pertussis) reached an epidemic state in 2014, and health professionals now carefully observe the rapidly rising rates for 2015. Read More »