125 measles cases in U.S. linked to Disneyland

As of Feb. 11, there were 125 measles cases in the United States related to one unvaccinated child Read More »

ECDC seeks epidemiologists for Ebola team in Guinea

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) seeks additional epidemiologists to join its recently-deployed Guinea response team in the fight against Ebola. Read More »

New HPV vaccine, Cervarix, shown to prevent multiple cancers

A multinational clinical trial, which tested nearly 20,000 young women, has shown that the human papilloma virus vaccine, Cervarix, displays the potential to prevent cervical cancer. Read More »

Singapore researchers produce new antibody to combat flu, pneumonia

Scientists and researchers from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore have created and developed an antibody that has been shown to boost survival chances for patients suffering from the flu and pneumonia. Read More »

VaxInnate, BARDA extend contract to develop influenza vaccines

BARDA recently extended its contract with VaxInnate Corporation for the development of the VAX2012Q influenza vaccine.  Read More »

Oklahoma, South Carolina top latest Walgreens Flu Index

The Walgreens Flu Index, a weekly report that provides state- and market-specific information regarding flu activity, has been released for the period ending Feb. 16. Read More »

Swedish study uncovers new malaria-fighting bacteria

A new family of bacteria that are common in malaria-carrying mosquitoes may now be able to fight malaria. Read More »

MediVector finishes enrolling subjects in two Phase 3 favipiravir studies

MediVector, Inc. recently announced that it has finished enrolling subjects in its two FAVOR favipiravir Phase 3 studies for influenza treatments. Read More »

Anti-HIV agent possibly efficient in vaccine form

Scientists have developed a drug that is so powerful against HIV that it may prove efficient as a vaccine. Read More »

Researchers defeat drug-resistant bacteria with virus

Scientists recently used bacteriophages (bacterial viruses) to defeat drug-resistant bacteria Read More »

GSK provides funding to IAVI to develop vaccines

To assist the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative, GlaxoSmithKline has offered a $350,000 grant to be used for the benefit of the Human Vaccines Project. Read More »

Adolescent AIDS epidemic to be fought by All In initiative

The battle against AIDS has forced UNAIDS, UNICEF and partners to launch All In, a new platform for action to achieve positive results for adolescents by encouraging strategic changes in policy and engaging more young people in the effort. Deaths are declining in all age groups, except among 10- to 19-year-olds, and dolescent girls, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa, are most affected as in 2013, more than 860 girls became infected with HIV every week, compared to 170 boys. Read More »

Agilvax and Humabs BioMed partner to develop vaccines and immunotherapies

Agilvax and Humabs BioMed (based in Switzerland) recently announced their collaboration to further develop Agilvax’s vaccines and immunotherapies. Humabs BioMed is known as a leading innovator for creating human monoclonal antibodies. Read More »

Countries to heed WHO disease-control guidance

The World Health Organization wants affected countries to increase their investment in treating 17 neglected tropical diseases. This action can potentially improve the health and well-being of more than 1.5 billion people, while the investment would represent as little as 0.1 percent of current domestic expenditures on health in the troubled countries for the period 2015-2030. “Increased investments by national governments can alleviate human misery, distribute economic gains more evenly and f Read More »

New UK study unveils stronger vaccine to fight HPV

Scientists have developed a new HPV vaccine that potentially protects against nine types of the virus. Read More »

Experimental approach to vaccines is needle-free

In January 2015, Experimental Dermatology published the latest research on a new vaccination method, which is absorbed through the skin and completely needle-free. Read More »

Olivier Brandicourt named new CEO of Sanofi

The Sanofi board of directors unanimously voted to make Olivier Brandicourt the company's new CEO. Read More »

HIV vaccine trial begins in South Africa

South Africa hosting new trial of investigational HIV vaccine regimen. Read More »

New vaccine being perfected to treat hookworms

Sabine Vaccine Institute testing groundbreaking hookworm vaccine in Gabon. Read More »

Drug-resistant malaria getting dangerously close to India

Malaria parasites that are immune to the drug artemisinin are a serious threat to the worldwide control and elimination of malaria. Read More »