3-D vaccine adds new dimension to cancer research

Researchers recently developed a new 3-D vaccine that may be crucial to using the body’s immune system to defeat cancer and infectious diseases, the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering said Monday. Read More »

BIO endorses Vaccine Access, Certainty and Innovation Act bill

The Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) recently praised the introduction of Vaccine Access, Certainty and Innovation Act legislation in the U.S. House. Read More »

China confirms 83 new cases of avian flu since Dec. 20

Last week, the National Health and Family Planning Commission of China reported 83 additional lab-confirmed cases of the human avian influenza A(H7N9) virus to the World Health Organization (WHO). Read More »

Global Network aims to boost access to NTD medical help

The Global Network said on Friday that it aspires to expand global access to neglected tropical-disease (NTD) treatment options as part of its Millennium Development Goals. Read More »

Walgreens releases latest flu index report

Walgreens recently released its most recent flu index for the week of Feb. 9. Read More »

New drug shows early promise as Ebola vaccine

Researchers recently administered an experimental drug that targets an Ebola virus protein to a group of monkeys and discovered that 75 percent of the monkeys did not contract the virus after virus exposure. Read More »

Vaxxas secures $20 million for Nanopatch vaccine programs

Biotechnology company Vaxxas said on Monday that it has obtained $20 million in equity funding from new and existing investors. Read More »

Five meningococcal cases confirmed at two U.S. colleges

At least five meningococcal disease cases have been confirmed in recent weeks at college campuses across the U.S., the National Meningitis Association (NMA) said Tuesday. Read More »

GSK buys GlycoVaxyn AG

GSK announced today that it has bought GlycoVaxyn AG, a Swiss specialty vaccine biopharmaceutical company Read More »

More cases of measles reported in suburban Chicago

Health professionals confirmed three more measles cases in suburban Cook County, Illinois, on Monday. Read More »

Purdue study reveals Listeria prevalent in retail delis

Recent research conducted at Purdue University has revealed that standard cleaning procedures in retail delis may not totally eliminate Listeria monocytogenes bacteria. Read More »

Plague death toll up to 71 in Madagascar

Madagascar has been experiencing an outbreak of the plague since last September and 71 of the 263 known infected have passed away. Read More »

Novavax begins Ebola vaccine Phase 1 clinical trial

Novavax, Inc. recently announced that it is beginning its phase 1 clinical trial of its Ebola vaccine. Read More »

83 new avian influenza cases confirmed in China

The National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC) of China confirmed with the World Health Organization (WHO) that there have been another 83 more human cases of the avian influenza A(H7N9) virus as of February 4, 2015. Read More »

Affinivax, PATH team up to develop pneumococcal vaccine

Biotechnology company Affinivax Inc. announced recently that it has entered into an exclusive partnership with PATH, a global health nonprofit, to advance the company’s top vaccine candidate for Streptococcus pneumoniae. Read More »

Vaxxas set to develop Nanopatch 'needle-free' vaccines

Vaxxas said this week that it has raised $20 million for a series of clinical programs toward development of a line of vaccine products using the company's Nanopatch platform, which utilizes painless microneedles. Read More »

Study: Aggressive HIV strain becomes AIDS in three years

An aggressive strain of HIV discovered in patients in Cuba mutates into AIDS in just three years, researchers reported recently in the journal EBioMedicine. Read More »

Study: Ebola virus can survive in dead body for a week

National Institutes of Health (NIH) scientists conducted a study to determine how long the Ebola virus could remain infectious in a body after death and found it to be durable, the NIH said this week. Read More »

KalaCORE launched to eliminate visceral leishmaniasis

Health professionals have developed a new partnership program to eliminate visceral leishmaniasis, a deadly illness in Asia and several African countries. Read More »

Data suggest Cepheid Xpert MTB/RIF Assay improves TB tests

The FDA recently approved the Cepheid Xpert MTB/RIF Assay to help physicians determine whether patients with suspected tuberculosis can be removed from airborne infection isolation. Read More »