Streptococcus vaccine clinical trial begins

The Pan-Provincial Vaccine Enterprise, Inc. (PREVENT) and Vaxent announced Tuesday that they have launched their Phase 1 clinical trial for StreptAnova, a vaccine engineered to protect people against Group A streptococcal (GAS) infections. Read More »

Scripps study may help advance drug-design biotechnology

Scientists from the Scripps Research Institute (TSRI), based in Jupiter, Florida, recently discovered structural details in proteins that could advance drug-design biotechnology. The structural details demonstrate how certain proteins can interact with two separate signals to create a single integrated output. Read More »

Sen. Kitchen and DOH encourage parents to vaccinate kids before school starts

Sen. Shirley Kitchen recently backed up the encouragement of the Pennsylvania Department of Health (DOH), telling parents that they should have their children vaccinated before the school year begins. Read More »

Middle-age, unhealthy men more likely to get MERS-CoV

Viral respiratory illness also found to be more deadly than Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. Read More »

IDT Biologika purchases Gallant Custom Laboratories

IDT Biologika recently announced that it has acquired Gallant Custom Laboratories, an autogenous vaccine manufacturer located in Ontario, Canada. Read More »

Wastewater a possible exposure route for Ebola

Researchers find virus survives in wastewater longer than previously thought. Read More »

Swiss scientists find flu treatments can help fight E. coli

Researchers have discovered that certain flu remedies can help fight E. coli bacteria, which can multiply in the intestinal mucosa thanks to a certain carbohydrate that causes inflammations and diseases. Read More »

Potential protection from Ebola found using experimental post-exposure antiviral treatment

U.K. physicians recently proved for the first time that antiviral-based therapies may protect people from contracting the Ebola virus. Read More »

National disease institute begins human RSV study

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), a branch of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), recently began a new study to help them better understand the development of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infections in adults. Read More »

WHO credits Roll Back Malaria partnership with worldwide progress

Governing board recommends disbanding partnership's secretariat in lieu of new efforts. Read More »

Single dose of cholera vaccine may interrupt epidemic

Researchers recently conducted a study that suggests a single dose of a cholera vaccine may provide people with adequate protection to stop the progress of the cholera epidemic. Read More »

Eureka Prize goes to hepatitis B cure

A team from the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute has earned the 2015 Australian Museum Eureka Prize for Infectious Disease Research for their search for a hepatitis B cure. Read More »

High national vaccination rates and low state exemption rates remain

Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) recently published that most states have low vaccine exemptions levels for kindergarteners and high national vaccination rates for infants. Read More »

Researchers use bacteria in new veterinary vaccine design

MycoSynVac, a project funded by the European Union, unites biotechnology and gene engineering to create a new veterinary vaccine chassis using the Mycoplasma pneumoniae bacterium. Read More »

Admedus adopts cloud-based platform for genital herpes vaccine trial

Admedus Ltd., a specialty health care company that provides innovative medical technologies and devices, recently adopted Medidata's Clinical Cloud platform to help with the development of a therapeutic vaccine for genital herpes. Read More »

UNITY Consortium formed to support teen, young adult immunizations

Group's goal is to ensure at least 90% of U.S. teens and young adults vaccinated Read More »

Mating choices may reduce yellow fever mosquito populations

Scientists have discovered that female Asian tiger mosquitoes that choose the wrong male for mating may reduce yellow fever mosquito populations. Read More »

Cancer researchers find potential key in viral protein

Florida State University researchers recently made a significant discovery in identifying a viral protein that stops the body’s immune response against viral infections, which may change how scientists research cures from cancer. Read More »

Maine attains nation's best child immunization rates

The Maine Department of Health and Human Services recently announced the state has achieved the best childhood immunization rate in all of the United States. Read More »

Washington's low vaccine rate leaves toddlers vulnerable

The latest immunization rates from Washington show that many toddlers haven’t received their vaccinations on time or at all, leaving them vulnerable to measles, whooping cough and similar preventable diseases. Read More »