Intestinal bacteria key to classifying various diseases

Researchers recently led two studies to show that various diseases can be quantified and classified by their effects on the intestine’s bacteria. Read More »

Vaccine in development may treat latent herpes

Researchers recently discovered that a herpes vaccine that has been in development may be effective in treating the virus, even in its latent form. Read More »

Dr. Charles Reay Mackay named chief scientific officer of Pfizer Inc.

Pfizer Inc. recently named Dr. Charles Reay Mackay as the new chief scientific officer of the company’s Inflammation and Immunology Research Unit. Read More »

European leaders support Riga Declaration against TB and MDR-TB

European leaders of the Tuberculosis Europe Coalition (TBEC) recently convened at the first Eastern Partnership Ministerial Conference on Tuberculosis (TB) and Its Multidrug-Resistance (MDR-TB) to approve the Riga Declaration against the illnesses. Read More »

Polio vaccine campaign continues in Central Equatoria

Health professionals are continuing a polio vaccination campaign in Central Equatoria that has had successful results. Read More »

Alere supports Obama’s National Action Plan to combat Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

Alere Inc., a rapid diagnostics company, has formally announced its support of President Barack Obama's National Action Plan to combat Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria. Read More »

Lao PDR immunizes 1.5 million children against Japanese encephalitis

Lao People's Democratic Republic (Lao PDR) is now the first country to implement Gavi support and vaccinate 1.5 million children living in its capital, Vientiane, against Japanese encephalitis. Read More »

TB investigation continues in Kansas high school

State and county health professionals are continuing their investigation of a tuberculosis (TB) case at Olathe Northwest High School in Kansas. Read More »

University of Maryland launches institute for vaccine development and malaria treatment

University of Maryland School of Medicine leaders recently announced plans to launch a new Institute for Global Health that will unite decades of research and development for vaccine development and malaria treatment. Read More »

Blood-based biomarkers allow better TB diagnosis and observance

Researchers recently confirmed that blood-based biomarkers in active tuberculosis (ATB) patients may be instrumental in finding simple, accurate TB diagnostic tests and monitoring the effectiveness of TB treatments. Read More »

Anticancer drug helps immune system battle infection

Researchers from Emory University recently found that low doses of imatinib, or Gleevec, an anticancer drug, can encourage the immune system to combat bacterial infections. Read More »

Experimental vaccine for Ebola indicates it's safe and effective

An early stage clinical trial that tested the safety and effectiveness of the experimental Ebola vaccine VSV-ZEBOV provoked an immune response from all 40 of the healthy adults involved in the study, suggesting it safe for humans. Read More »

WHO helps North Korea battle measles outbreak

A technical team from the World Health Organization’s (WHO) regional office in East Asia has partnered with UNICEF to help North Korea battle a measles outbreak by planning and implementing a measles vaccination campaign. Read More »

Lack of vaccinations in West Africa dangerous for children

Liberia and other West African countries impacted by the Ebola outbreak have reduced their vaccination activities for other diseases to dedicate more resources to battling Ebola, placing children at greater health risks for illness. Read More »

Multidrug-resistant shigellosis spreads through U.S.

According to a recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), international travelers have brought a strain of a multidrug-resistant intestinal illness called shigellosis into the U.S. and spread it to the public. Read More »

Personalized melanoma vaccine provokes strong immune response

Washington University School of Medicine researchers have discovered that tailored, personalized melanoma vaccines unleash a strong immune response against uniquely mutated tumors. Read More »

Officials say parents instrumental to preventing measles spread

U.S. health professionals say parents are crucial to preventing a measles outbreak, as children must be vaccinated to stop the disease from spreading. Read More »

Cancer drugs may treat malaria parasites

Researchers recently published the details of a study that suggests cancer drugs may successfully treat the parasites that cause malaria. Read More »

Researchers eye method to block dengue fever transmission

Researchers from the University of Melbourne in Australia have collaborated with international associates to create a novel method to block mosquitoes from carrying dengue virus. Read More »

Azerbaijan sees results from quality TB care

Azerbaijan -- a country that borders Iran, Armenia, Russia and Georgia -- recently announced its positive results from implementing a tuberculosis (TB) program in its prisons in 1995. Read More »