CDC assembling protective Ebola kits for US hospitals

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently ordered $2.7 million in personal protective equipment for U.S. hospitals with Ebola patients to increase Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) supply levels. Read More »

Novavax testing RSV vaccine on children

Novavax Inc. announced on Monday that it has begun enrolling pediatric participants in a Phase 1 clinical trial of its respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) F-protein nanoparticle vaccine candidate (RSV F Vaccine). Read More »

GenVec shares data from its study of the GV2311 vaccine

GenVec, Inc. publicly shared its data concerning immune responses to its latest vaccine, GV2311. Read More »

Rite Aid-NFID survey suggests most U.S. women not up-to-date on vaccinations

Rite Aid and the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases (NFID) recently conducted a survey that suggests most U.S. adult women do not believe they are up to date on their vaccinations. Read More »

Pharco, Presidio team up to develop hepatitis C treatment for Egypt

Pharmaceutical companies Pharco and Presidio have entered into an exclusive licensing agreement in which Presidio’s HCV NS5A inhibitor PPI-668 drug will be used in developing a treatment for hepatitis C (HCV) infections in Egypt. Read More »

Studies seek more effective Ebola diagnosis methods

Scientists recently conducted studies to determine how to diagnose hemorrhagic fevers more efficiently before individuals show symptoms. Read More »

Merck releases new data from hepatitis C study

Merck recently announced the results from the first wave of its Phase 3 development program for a new Hepatitis C treatment called Grazoprevir/Elbasvir. Read More »

Diarrhea bacteria genome decoded; vaccine in the works

Researchers at the University of Gothenburg's Sahlgrenska Academy have determined the genetic composition of the bacteria that cause diarrhea and can now create a vaccine. Read More »

IPD decreases with more usage of PCV vaccine in Danish populations

The conjugate pneumococcal vaccine (PCV) has been a staple in the Danish childhood vaccination regimen since Oct. 1, 2007 and over the past seven-plus years, invasive pneumococcal disease (IPD) has decreased. Read More »

Power of One campaign pays for 3 million malaria treatments

Through Malaria No More's Power of One campaign, treatment sponsor Novartis has raised enough money to procure 3 million antimalaria treatments for children in Zambia, the company announced on Wednesday. Read More »

New study has possible explanation why yellow fever mosquitoes favor human blood

The deadly yellow fever mosquito is more attracted to human odor due to a genetic change not present in its ancestors. Read More »

MenW cases continue to increase

Data recently published in the journal Clinical Infectious Disease by Public Health England shows that meningococcal W (MenW) cases have been steadily increasing every year since 2009. Read More »

ABIVAX to market typhoid, other vaccines in Asian and Latin American markets

ABIVAX signed an agreement with The Finlay Institute in Havana, Cuba, on Wednesday to commercialize vaccines against typhoid, meningococcus and leptospirosis in Asian and Latin American markets. Read More »

Continuing decline in pneumonia deaths brings hope

Data show a continuing decline in childhood deaths caused by pneumonia, showing that new methods are working. Read More »

Infrastructure woes, lack of funds stymie effort to eradicate cholera in Haiti

Health professionals currently fighting a cholera outbreak in Haiti say the country cannot afford to wait 40 years for total eradication of the disease. Read More »

Measles elimination waning, WHO wants to see more upward progress

The World Health Organization says treatments to fully eliminate the measles has waned. Read More »

Novel approach to virus might lead to cure for diarrhea

A cure for the infection that causes diarrhea is on the horizon. Read More »

More poliovirus cases in South Sudan, Madagascar

Health professionals have confirmed more poliovirus cases in South Sudan and Madagascar, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced on Friday.Health professionals have confirmed more poliovirus cases in South Sudan and Madagascar, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced on Friday. Read More »

Company wants 'compassionate use' of its MERS-CoV vaccine

Organic-Vaccines, a company specializing in using biotechnology to utilize a patient’s own cells for treatments, recently applied to the World Health Organization (WHO) for compassionate use of the company’s MERS-CoV (Middle-East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus) vaccine. Read More »

Vaccine researcher Plotkin to be presented with prestigious Hamdan Award

Dr. Stanley A. Plotkin, a renowned vaccine researcher, will be presented the Hamdan Award for Medical Research Excellence in the field of Vaccines on Dec. 16 at the Dubai International Conference for Medical Sciences. Read More »