Deaths from pregnancy and childbirth down 45 percent since 1990

The United Nations reported on Tuesday that the amount of women dying during pregnancy and childbirth is down 45 percent since 1990. Read More »

Harvard Medical School launches TB Center of Excellence for Translational Research

Harvard Medical School recently announced the creation of three Centers of Excellence for Translational Research. Read More »

WHO certifies new long-range vaccine carrier

Medical storage manufacturer SAVSU Technologies announced on Monday that it has received World Health Organization approval for a new vaccine carrier. Read More »

Study: Vaccination rates don't increase with risk of catching disease

According to a study presented this week at the annual meeting of the Pediatric Academic Societies, people are not necessarily more likely to get vaccinated when the risk of catching a disease is high. Read More »

Working group publishes first paper on improved vaccine delivery

The Storage, Handling, Administration, and Preparation Experts (SHAPE) working group published the first of two papers on vaccine delivery on May 1. Read More »

Virginia citizens potentially exposed to measles

Measles Read More »

Rotary International supports WHO recommendations on polio containment

The service organization Rotary International announced on Tuesday that it supports recent World Health Organization recommendations on containing polio. Read More »

Rotary applauds WHO's polio reccomendations

Polio Read More »

Synthetic Biologics announces three new C. difficile international patents

Jeffrey Riley Read More »

Scientists identify protein that could minimize flu pandemics

Influenza Read More »

Novira Therapeutics begins new HBV treatment clinical trials

Hepatitis B Read More »

Lab tests negative for hospital employees with Indiana MERS contact

MERS Read More »

U.N. releases HIV education book

HIV Read More »

Ooredoo and Leo Messi Foundation partner to bring mobile health clinics to underdeveloped countries

Leo Messi Read More »

NIH study finds no clear link between malaria severity and parasite levels

Malaria Read More »

National Viral Hepatitis Awareness Month observed in North Dakota

hepatitis C Read More »

Study finds many mothers lack of knowledge of meningococcal meningitis

Meningitis Read More »

New genome technique looks to rein in malaria

Malaria Read More »

Business leaders discuss partnership opportunities with GAVI Alliance

African business leaders and government officials met with leaders of the public-private global health partnership GAVI Alliance on Friday to discuss ways to prevent vaccine-treatable diseases in Africa. Read More »

Phase two study results for meningococcal B vaccine

Two Pfizer, Inc., studies released on Friday found that its bivalent rLP2086 recombinant vaccine candidate for meningococcal disease was able to generate bactericidal responses. Read More »