Interactive training and rapid diagnostic testing reduces over-diagnosis of malaria

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Novel tuberculosis treatment begins Phase 3 trial

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bioCSL donates 700,000 influenza vaccines to Partnership for Influenza Vaccine Introduction

bioCSL, Inc., said on Monday that it will donate more than 700,000 vaccines to the Partnership for Influenza Vaccine Introduction, which helps low- and middle-income countries expand vaccination programs and reduce illness and flu-related death. Read More »

Johnson & Johnson announces new collaboration to improve access to anti-tuberculosis medicine

Johnson & Johnson announced on Tuesday a new collaboration between Janssen Pharmaceutica NV and the Stichting International Dispensary Association to provide access to an anti-tuberculosis medicine. Read More »

Fogarty International Center sets new global health research, training goals

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WHO: Antimicrobial resistance occurring in every region of the world

The first WHO report to look at global antimicrobial resistance, including antibiotic resistance, found that what was once a serious threat is now occurring in every region of the world and could affect anyone of any age in any country. Read More »

GSK announces phase III global program to evaluate malaria treatment

GlaxoSmithKline and the Medicines for Malaria Venture began a phase III global program this week to evaluate the efficacy and safety of an investigational medicine for the treatment and relapse prevention of Plasmodium vivax malaria. Read More »

First large-scale phase III efficacy clinical trial for dengue vaccine completed

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Live Nation teams with (RED) to raise awareness, money for Global Fund

Live Nation Entertainment will work with (RED) through June 10 to raise awareness and money for the Global Fund to fight AIDS. Read More »

Researchers make progress on Leishmaniasis vaccine

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FDA issues emergency use authorization for influenza A/H7N9 rapid test

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World Malaria Day commemorated on April 29

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Hong Kong CHP takes precautions against avian influenza

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Conn. confirms third 2014 measles case

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WHO urges healthcare workers to practice proper hand hygiene

The World Health Organization said on Friday that one in ten people who visit a hospital in a low-income country will contract a healthcare-related infection. Read More »

Alberta declares measles outbreak

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Guinea releases latest data on ebola outbreak

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Pertussis vaccine from pregnant women found to be safe, protects newborn

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Study finds newborns with vaccinated mothers resistant to whooping cough

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Researchers determine MERS virus transmission from animals to humans

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