Researchers discover gene variant protects against relapse of hepatitis C

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Novartis' Bexsero meningitis B vaccine approved for infants and adolescents in Australia

Novartis recently announced that its vaccine treatment against meningococcal group B, Bexsero, gained approval in Australia for use with infants and adolescents. Read More »

Hong Kong Centre for Health Protection monitors Middle East Respiratory Syndrome

The Hong Kong Centre for Health Protection said on Thursday that it is closely monitoring three cases of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome in the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Read More »

Notre Dame scientists awarded $23M grant from Gates Foundation for mosquito study

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EU releases updated Action Plan to fight HIV/AIDS in neighboring countries

The European Commission released its Action Plan on HIV/AIDS on Friday that extends and builds on existing action established by the 2009-2013 Action Plan. Read More »

Anti-inflammatory drugs show promise against bacteria

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EU commits $1.4 million to fight polio in Syria

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Lions Club International partners with GAVI Alliance on measles-rubella vaccine campaign

Lions Clubs International announced last week at an event on Capitol Hill that it would support the GAVI Alliance through a $30 million donation for its measles-rubella immunization program to support children in need worldwide. Read More »

NIH scientists use genome sequencing to reveal origin of superbug

The National Institutes of Health announced on Monday that scientists used genome sequencing to track the evolution of Klebsiella pneumoniae sequence type 258, an antibiotic-resistant bacteria, which may result in new methods to treat and prevent spreading infection. Read More »

Flusurvey study shows correlation between exercise and decreased risk of influenza infection

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Cambodia Ministry of Health confirms new human case of avian influenza

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London study finds 77 percent of influenza infections are asymptomatic

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AvidBiotics awarded patent for anti-Clostridium difficile bactericidal proteins

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Scientists discover potent antibody against HIV infection

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CDC confirms death from meningococcal disease at Drexel University

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HIV/hepatitis C patients 80 percent more likely to develop cirrhosis

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Roche launches cobas Cdiff Test for detection of Clostridium difficile

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VaxInnate opens enrollment in Phase 1 clinical trial for seasonal influenza vaccine

The VaxInnate Corporation announced that it has initiated enrollment in a Phase 1 clinical trial to observe the efficacy of its VAX2012Q, a recombinant quadrivalent vaccine against seasonal influenza infection. Read More »

Research show administration of Tamiflu reduces risk of death by 25 percent for H1N1 patients

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ECDC finds only one in three MDR TB patients complete treatment

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