Bangladesh launches measles-rubella immunization with GAVI

Bangladesh launched a major measles-rubella immunization campaign with the help of the GAVI Alliance on Sunday, and expects to reach approximately 52 million children. Read More »

New atlas maps unmet need for palliative care worldwide

A new atlas jointly published by the World Health Organization and the Worldwide Palliative Care Alliance is the first document to map the unmet need for palliative care, the WHO said on Tuesday. Read More »

Panama approves evaluation for Oxitec's sterile mosquitoes

Aedes Mosquito Read More »

Hong Kong CHP monitoring cases of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome

MERS CoV Read More »

NIAID grantees discover antibiotic against TB

Tuberculosis Read More »

Scientists discover new antibiotics class to treat MDR-TB

Tuberculosis Read More »

Dialogue on HIV medicine adherence differs by ethnicity, race

HIV Read More »

ECDC updates risk assessment in response to avian influenza A in China

The European Centre for Disease Control and Prevention said on Tuesday that avian influenza A H7N9 reports in China have risen to a total of 251 cases. Read More »

TB incidence increasing in Denmark

Tuberculosis Read More »

Singapore's first flu vaccine demonstrates positive Phase I results

Influenza Read More »

Sinovac submits CTA for H7N9 flu vaccine trials in China

H7N9 Virus Read More »

Maine CDC honors organizations for efforts against infectious disease

The Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention said on Tuesday that it awarded four organizations the Pump-Handle Award for their contributions against infectious diseases in Maine. Read More »

New study finds plague may return

Yersinia pestis Read More »