Fever-reducing medications may contribute to spread of influenza

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TMR releases updated report on meningococcal vaccines market

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GAVI raises $152 million for vaccinations with private sector partnerships

The GAVI Alliance announced on Friday that it secured $152 million to immunize children against disease using private sector partnerships, a unique funding mechanism leveraging cash and expertise from corporations and foundations. Read More »

Last-resort therapy saves lives during flu epidemic

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Hong Kong DH recommends travelers take precautions against avian flu

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Family to travel U.S. to raise awareness for March of Dimes

A New Hampshire family that benefited from the March of Dimes will travel the U.S. to raise awareness about preterm birth and birth defects, the organization said on Friday. Read More »

TB trial in South Africa did not reduce cases, deaths

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Study on evolution of drug-resistant HIV released

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(RED), U2 and Bank of America partner to fight AIDS during Super Bowl

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Microbix wins patent challenge in Europe

Microbix, a Toronto, Canada-based biological product and technology developer, announced on Thursday that it successfully defended its VIRUSMAX patent claims during a hearing at the European Patent Office in Munich, Germany. Read More »

Researchers identify immunogens able to elicit HIV antibodies

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Private sector partnerships prove critical for GAVI

The GAVI Alliance announced on Friday during the World Economic Forum that it has secured more than $150 million in 30 months through a vaccine funding program that uses cash and expertise from corporations and foundations. Read More »

Hong Kong CHP announces six new cases of avian flu on Mainland

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Synthetic Biologics changes clinical and regulatory team

Synthetic Biologics, Inc., a Rockville, Maryland-based biotechnology company, announced the appointment on Monday of a new senior vice president of clinical and regulatory affairs. Read More »

Thirty-two percent of specimens test positive for flu in Europe

Approximately 32 percent of sentinel specimens tested in 27 European countries tested positive for influenza virus in the third week of 2014, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control said on Monday. Read More »

California confirms 95 total influenza-related deaths

California Department of Public Health Director Dr. Ron Chapman announced on Friday that the number of influenza-related deaths this season has increased by 50 to a total to 95. Read More »

Zika virus outbreak in French Polynesia slowly declining

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NIBIO teams with Aeras, CREATE to develop new TB vaccines

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UNHCR battles measles outbreak among refugees in Uganda

The U.N. Refugee Agency started a mass measles immunization campaign on Friday in northern Uganda to prevent the disease from spreading among South Sudanese refugees. Read More »

VaxInnate receives $2.1 million from New Jersey transfer program

VaxInnate Corporation said on Tuesday that it received $2.1 million through New Jersey's Technology Business Tax Certificate Transfer Program to further vaccine research and development. Read More »