Mexico reports 46 confirmed cholera cases

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Scientists call for better community engagement to fight polio

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ICRC, prison officials aim to quell plague outbreaks in Madagascar

In an effort to curb outbreaks of the plague among Madagascar's prison system, the International Committee of the Red Cross recently teamed with government officials to rid the country's prisons of rodents. Read More »

Replikins announced influenza H5N1 vaccine ready for testing

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Expansion of flu vaccination policy to children could save lives

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NTAGI recommends scale-up of pentavalent vaccine in India

The GAVI Alliance expressed its support on Thursday for the decision made by India's National Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation to recommend the national scale-up of the five-in-one pentavalent vaccine. Read More »

Kate Thompson joins Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria

Kate Thompson, an AIDS activist for approximately 30 years, has been named the head of the Critical Enablers and Civil Society hub of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. Read More »

Protein Science Corporation announces release of flu vaccine

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Vivaldi Biosciences acquires assets for clinical stage flu vaccine

Vivaldi Biosciences, Inc., a Fort Collins, Colorado-based biotechnology company, announced the acquisition on Thursday of research and development assets to complement and broaden the company's live attenuated influenza vaccine platform. Read More »

Researchers encourage new path for malaria research

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GAVI Alliance on track with child vaccination goals

The GAVI Alliance is on track to meet its goal to expand immunizations in developing countries to an additional 243 million children before 2015, which could save approximately 4 million lives, according to a report released on Monday. Read More »

PrEP HIV vaccine may be effective for HIV prevention with intermittent use

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Researchers find 20 percent of pre-travel advice seekers are high-risk

Boston researchers found that high-risk travelers account for close to 20 percent of patients using the clinics of the Boston Area Travel Medicine Network, according to a recent study published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings. Read More »

Cholera epidemic drives public health progress in Haiti

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Health group says government shutdown hurts public health

A congressional measure to restore funding to the CDC amid the government shutdown won't adequately protect Americans from outbreaks of foodborne illnesses or other diseases, the Trust for America's Healths said on Thursday. Read More »

U.N. Security Council calls for polio immunization campaign in Sudan

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Louisiana DHH confirms three more West Nile virus cases

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Researchers discover how Epstein-Barr virus evades immune system

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Mississippi records 40th West Nile virus case this year

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ECDC releases Communicable Disease Threats Report

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control released its weekly Communicable Disease Threats Report this week highlighting new data on the West Nile Virus and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus. Read More »