UNAIDS praises departing ambassador for work on U.S. AIDS response

The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS issued praise on Thursday for the work of Ambassador Eric Goosby, the former U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator, and his visionary leadership in the AIDS response. Read More »

NIAID launches genital herpes vaccine trial

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STEMCELL Technologies receives grant for cell isolation technology

STEMCELL Technologies announced on Friday that it received a $1.5 million grant from the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program for the development of cell isolation technology. Read More »

Middle East immunization campaign seeks to vaccinate 20 million children

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Testing on shingles vaccine delays program in U.K.

A temporary delay with the supply of Zostavax, a shingles vaccine manufactured by Sanofi Pasteur MSD, may cause delays to a vaccination program in the U.K., Public Health England said on Friday. Read More »

SSI and Aeras announce trial for TB vaccine candidate

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ECDC publishes rapid risk assessment on polio in Syria

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control published a rapid risk assessment on Oct. 23 regarding recent developments of polio in Syria. Read More »

Uganda launches HIV/AIDS campaign

The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS congratulated Uganda President Yoweri Museveni and First Lady Janet Kaguta Museveni on Thursday for their commitment to fight HIV/AIDS. Read More »

Scientists discover how to uncloak HIV for immune system

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Emergent presents prostate cancer therapeutic preclinical data

Emergent BioSolutions, Inc., a Rockville, Maryland-based specialty pharmaceutical company, recently announced the presentation of preclinical data on bispecific ADAPTIR, a therapeutic for prostate cancer, during a conference in Lisbon, Portugal. Read More »

Hong Kong CHP monitors Middle East Respiratory Syndrome overseas

The Centre for Health Protection of the Department of Health in Hong Kong said on Monday that it is monitoring an overseas case of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome that was reported to the World Health Organization. Read More »

South Carolina reports first flu-associated death

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ECDC reports 226 West Nile fever cases in EU during season

There were 226 human cases of West Nile fever, including 150 neuroinvasive infections, in the European Union during West Nile virus transmission season in Europe, the European Centre for Disease Control said on Friday. Read More »

U.N. looks to enable delayed polio campaign in Sudan

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Cambodia confirms new case of avian flu H5N1

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French Polynesia reports Zika virus outbreak

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WHO reports two new MERS-CoV cases in Saudi Arabia

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Flu experts with pharma links more likely to promote drugs

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Eisai and Broad Institute collaborate to develop new drugs

Eisai Co., Ltd., said on Friday that it will work with the Broad Institute to develop new drugs for neglected tropical diseases and tuberculosis. Read More »

ECDC launches new infectious disease-mapping tool

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control recently launched a new tool that helps map infectious diseases across Europe, with consideration to how ecological environments affect the progression of a disease. Read More »