Global Fund to save $140 million on disease-fighting tools

A new framework will systematically organize the purchase of tools to fight malaria, saving approximately $140 million over two years, the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria said on Tuesday. Read More »

Scientists launch three-year project to develop C. difficile vaccine

Clostridium difficile Read More »

Research team works to develop accurate pocket-sized test for TB

Tuberculosis Read More »

Cambodian Ministry of Health reports 23rd case of avian influenza H5N1

H5N1 Read More »

Global Fund thanks French president for contributions to public health

The chair of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria's board met with French President Francois Hollande on Tuesday to discuss the joint commitment to fighting deadly diseases. Read More »

WHO Europe seeks closure of polio vaccination gaps

As long as the poliomyelitis virus is circulating in the world and vaccination coverage is not optimal, polio may return to Europe, the World Health Organization Europe said on Tuesday. Read More »

Scientists use 3D filming to understand malaria reproduction

Malaria Read More »

Senegal introduces two new vaccines to protect children

The GAVI Alliance announced on Tuesday that Senegal has added two new vaccines to its routine immunization schedule to protect its children against pneumonia, rubella and the measles. Read More »

Pfizer and Carter celebrate 15th anniversary of ITA

Pfizer, Inc., announced on Tuesday that it joined former U.S. President Jimmy Carter to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the International Trachoma Initiative, a program dedicated to eliminating blinding trachoma. Read More »

FIND and BD collaborate to evaluate cheaper TB test

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Handheld tuberculosis test enables strain identification within 15 minutes

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LabCorp announces new rapid HIV diagnostic tools

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More than 50 dead from dengue outbreak in Central America

Dengue fever Read More »

Sinovac receives award to supply hepatitis A vaccine in Jiangsu province

Sinovac Biotech, Ltd., announced on Thursday that it was selected by the Jiangsu Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to supply its inactivated hepatitis A vaccine to the Jiangsu province's pediatric population. Read More »

Vaccine for Chikungunya fever begins clinical trials

Themis Bioscience announced on Thursday that a vaccine for Chikungunya fever is undergoing phase one clinical trials for the first time at Vienna General Hospital. Read More »

Live Nation Entertainment joins (RED) in fight against AIDS

Live Nation Entertainment announced on Wednesday that it has joined (RED) to help raise funds for the Global Fund to fight AIDS through and purchases. Read More »

Experts discuss typhoid fever at VED Conference

Typhoid fever Read More »

Climate may play role in trachoma prevalence

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Ethiopia and GAVI Alliance begin vaccinating children against rotavirus

GAVI Alliance announced on Thursday that Ethiopia would immediately begin vaccinating children against rotavirus, which causes severe diarrhea and is often fatal. Read More »

Hong Kong, Guangdong and Macau collaborate on communicable diseases

The health authorities of Guangdong, Macau and Hong Kong recently met at the 13th Tripartite Meeting on the Prevention and Control of Communicable Diseases and agreed to work together in the fight against communicable diseases. Read More »