MONDAY, JULY 16, 2018

GAVI to support HPV vaccination of 30 million girls by 2020

The GAVI Alliance will help to protect more than 30 million girls against human papillomavirus and cervical cancer by 2020, the organization's CEO said on Thursday. Read More »

GSK acquires Okairos to strengthen vaccines business

GlaxoSmithKline, a research-based pharmaceutical company, announced on Wednesday that it acquired Okairos AG, a developer of vaccine platform technologies, as part of a $325 million deal. Read More »

EU and EEA countries only meet measles elimination target by half

The European Center of Disease Prevention and Control reported on Wednesday that 14 out of the 30 reporting EU and EEA countries met the elimination target of less than one case of measles per million population. Read More »

Sugar polymer may be key to broad-spectrum vaccine development

Researchers from Brigham and Women's Hospital recently discovered a sugar polymer common on the cell surface of many pathogens may be a promising target in the development of a broad-spectrum vaccine. Read More »

Scientists test new microsphere-based method to detect HIV antibodies

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Merger between Vivalis and Intercell forms biotech Valneva

Valneva SE announced the completion of a merger on Wednesday between Vivalis and Intercell that will create a new European biotechnology company that focuses on antibodies and vaccines. Read More »

WHO director-general asks for global cooperation on novel coronavirus

Margaret Chan Read More »

China approves iBio's iBioModulator technology for use against influenza

iBio, Inc., announced on Wednesday that a patent was submitted in China for the use of its proprietary iBioModulator protein fusion technology against influenza. Read More »

Sinovac files new drug application for HFMD vaccine

Sinovac Biotech, Ltd., a China-based biopharmaceutical company, announced on Thursday that it filed a new drug application for its proprietary enterovirus 71 vaccine, a vaccine against hand, foot and mouth disease. Read More »

Study finds copper may destroy norovirus

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ECDC Director Sprenger: Europe must be vigilant against Tuberculosis

Marc Sprenger Read More »

Study calls for increased efforts against influenza

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UNICEF responds to Mali cholera outbreak

UNICEF and its partners are responding to a cholera outbreak in the Gao region of Mali that has killed two and left 20 individuals urgently needing treatment, the agency said on Wednesday. Read More »

Researchers describe HIV's protein shell for the first time

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Gene therapy gives protection from pandemic flu strains

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NIAID researchers show how immune cells swarm to infections

Researchers from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases showed in an online issue of Nature on Sunday how specialized immune cells called neutrophils form tight clusters at wounds and infected areas. Read More »