New vaccine could protect 800 million at risk for schistosomiasis

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Warning system could predict dengue outbreaks

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New pediatric vaccine approved in Europe

Sanofi Pasteur announced on April 22 that its pediatric vaccine Hexyon/Hexacima was approved by the European Commission. Read More »

ECDC proposes three protocols to test rotavirus vaccine efficacy

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Syrian conflict triggers outbreak of measles

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H7N9 cases hit 122 since end of March

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Genticel obtains $23.7 million for HPV vaccine development

Genticel, a French biotech company, recently received $23.7 million from science investors towards clinical trials of its HPV vaccine ProCervix. Read More »

India improves child immunization efforts with Special Immunization Week

The Indian government launched its Special Immunization Week on April 24 to intensify routine immunization efforts and decrease child and maternal mortality in the country. Read More »

U.N. steps up vaccination campaigns for Syrian refugees

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Agenus announces positive Phase II data from brain cancer vaccine study

Agenus, Inc., a Lexington, Massachusetts-based biotechnology company, announced preliminary data on Wednesday from its Phase II clinical trial of a new vaccine meant to treat newly diagnosed glioblastoma multiforme, a type of brain tumor. Read More »

ShelterBox reaffirms support to end malaria

ShelterBox, an international disaster relief organization, announced on World Malaria Day last Thursday that it will continue to provide equipment to protect families from malaria. Read More »

Carlos Slim Foundation contributes $100 million to GPEI

Carlos Slim announced at the Global Vaccine Summit last Thursday that his foundation will donate $100 million to the Global Polio Eradication Initiative's new strategy to eradicate polio by 2018. Read More »

Somalia will receive new pentavalent vaccine

Approximately 500,000 Somalian children will benefit from a new vaccine meant to protect them from five potentially deadly childhood disease, according to a recent U.N. report. Read More »

Canada matches $2.27 million contribution to polio eradication campaign

Canadian Minister of International Cooperation Julian Fantino announced on Tuesday that Canada will match the $2.27 million raised by Rotary in Canada in support of the worldwide effort to eradicate polio. Read More »

Innate memory cell discovery could revolutionize immunizations

Researchers at Cornell University recently found that small groups of preprogrammed cells have the ability to fight pathogens they have never encountered. Read More »

European Commission President Barroso speaks at Global Vaccine Summit

European Commission President José Manuel Durão Barroso highlighted European Union contributions towards global health and polio eradication at the Global Vaccine Summit last Thursday in Abu Dhabi. Read More »

Protein Sciences makes progress on H7N9 flu vaccine

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Sudan makes major immunization strides

More than 90 percent of Sudan's children are vaccinated against deadly childhood diseases like tuberculosis because of a committed plan by the Ministry of Health Sudan with help from multiple international partners. Read More »

Steroid injections cause meningitis infections in Michigan

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Minnesota proposes changes to school immunization requirements

The Minnesota Department of Health proposed changes to the existing rules on immunization of schoolchildren on Monday that require three additional immunizations to meet Center of Disease Control's Advisory Committee on Immunizations Practices recommendations. Read More »