Arrowhead reduces 90 percent of hepatitis B antigens in chimpanzee study

Arrowhead Research Corporation, a Pasadena, California-based targeted therapeutics company, recently announced a preclinical chimpanzee study that demonstrated the success of its RNA interference-based hepatitis B virus therapeutic. Read More »

Lack of funding and enforcement leads to drug-resistant TB in developing world

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New technology could be used to predict outbreaks of dengue fever

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"Visionary leadership" necessary to combat spread of tuberculosis

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Certain bacteria may suppress toxic shock toxin

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Researchers track animal-borne drug-resistant bacteria with genome sequencing

Researchers used whole genome sequencing to determine if drug-resistant bacteria moved from animals to humans in two Denmark disease outbreaks, according to a study published on Monday in EMBO Molecular Medicine. Read More »

Vaccine experts to meet at South African TB forum to discuss research

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Welsh health officials warn of measles outbreak

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U.S. HHS approves $91 million vaccine facility at Texas A&M

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recently approved the creation of a $91 million influenza-vaccine manufacturing facility as part of a joint venture between GlaxoSmithKline and the Texas A&M University System. Read More »

Bill Gates tours Ghana to view immunization system

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Tuberculosis outbreaks in Africa associated with effects of HIV/AIDS, poverty

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The Gambia President Jammeh meets with top World Bank official

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Malaria rate drops in Ghana

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Pakistan reports at least 12 deaths in measles outbreak

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Gates continues efforts to eradicate polio

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Takeda Pharmaceutical submits new drug applications for pandemic influenza vaccines

Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., announced on Wednesday that is has submitted new drug applications for cell culture-based pandemic influenza vaccines to Japan's Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. Read More »

Haitian cholera outbreak passes 8,000 deaths

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Zimbabwe reports 42 cases of typhoid in Mbare

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Breakthrough foot-and-mouth vaccine announced

British scientists announced a breakthrough vaccine against foot-and-mouth disease this week that is both safer and easier to manufacture. Read More »

Liquid allergy drops could replace allergy shots

Liquid allergy drops that work like a vaccine to slowly increase the body's tolerance to an allergen could soon replace weekly allergy shots. Read More »