HHS and Walgreens team up to increase minority vaccinations

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recently unveiled a project to raise flu vaccination rates in minority groups, which is supported by $10 million worth of vaccine vouchers from Walgreens. Read More »

Novartis announces approval of Ilaris as gout treatment in EU

Novartis recently announced the approval of Ilaris, also known as canakinumab, as a treatment for patients suffering from gouty arthritis in the European Union. Read More »

German institute says Cell Therapeutics did not provide sufficient data for drug cancer drug assessment

Germany's Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care recently said that Cell Therapeutics, Inc., did not submit suitable data for a preliminary benefit assessment of a cancer drug it is currently developing. Read More »

Nigerian state to use security services for polio campaign

The government of Kaduna State, Nigeria, recently announced that it has authorized the use of the Nigerian Police Force and the State Security Services for its polio eradication campaign. Read More »

Doctors in India express concern over rising hepatitis B cases

Hepatitis B cases are on the rise in Bihar, India, and vaccinations must increase to prevent children from dying of the disease, according to the director of the pediatric department of a Gurgaon-based hospital. Read More »

LPGA denies rumor of malaria outbreak after withdrawals

The Ladies Professional Golf Association denied rumors of a malaria outbreak on Saturday after two golfers pulled out of an event because of illness and staff members also fell ill. Read More »

Two-year-old cured of HIV infection

Anthony S. Fauci Read More »

Influenza vaccine pushed for "cocooning" effect

Health officials are continuing to urge people to receive the flu vaccine because the "cocooning" effect may protect others who have not been vaccinated. Read More »

Russia makes progress in HIV/AIDS vaccine development

HIV Read More »

University of North Carolina hit with norovirus outbreak

Health officials in Orange County, North Carolina, recently confirmed an outbreak of norovirus at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, according to a county health department statement. Read More »

Superbug outbreak relatives strike out at England's health system

C. diff Read More »

Breakthrough may allow newborn vaccines

Ofer Levy Read More »

Flu outbreaks demonstrate that pandemics are a serious threat

H5N1 Read More »

UNC norovirus outbreak starts to decline

Health officials at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill are remaining cautious as an outbreak of norovirus that affected more than 90 students begins to slow down. Read More »

AmVac AG publishes preclinical data on RSV vaccine

AmVac AG recently announced new preclinical data on its vaccine candidate AMV602 for the prevention of infections caused by respiratory syncytial virus. Read More »

Bill Gates to focus on worldwide polio eradication by 2018

Bill Gates Read More »

Drug-resistant bacteria on rise in U.S. hospitals

Health officials said on Tuesday that deadly bacterial infections resistant to the strongest antibiotics are on the rise in U.S. hospitals and a limited window of opportunity exists to stop them from spreading. Read More »

Researcher studies vaccine targets for Rift Valley Fever

Rift Valley fever tissue Read More »

Hong Kong facing shortage of chickenpox vaccine

Chickenpox Read More »

Fordham von Reyn honored for TB vaccine

Fordham von Reyn Read More »