Aethlon announces FDA approval of IDE to treat HCV patients

Aethlon Medical, Inc., a San Diego-based medical device company, announced on Tuesday that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved an investigational device exemption to enable human feasibility tests of the Aethlon Hemopurifier. Read More »

African countries reduce new HIV infections among children by 50 percent

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Mississippi reports new case of West Nile Virus

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MMRGlobal receives patent for cancer-fighting vaccine

MMRGlobal, Inc., announced on Monday that it was awarded a biotechnology patent in Hong Kong for a B-Cell vaccine to fight lymphoma and potentially other types of cancer. Read More »

Life Technologies supports emergency screening for MERS-CoV

Life Technologies Corporation, a global biotechnology company, announced the suitability of one of its testing instruments on Wednesday for use with an assay used to detect the novel Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus. Read More »

Indiana detects first West Nile virus activity of 2013

Indiana state health officials confirmed the first signs of West Nile virus on Friday in mosquitoes tested in Adams County. Read More »

Greffex develops vaccine for MERS-CoV

Greffex announced on Wednesday that it has developed a vaccine for the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus. Read More »

WHO Director-General Chan speaks at WONCA

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Vical and Astellas initiate Phase III trial of cytomegalovirus vaccin

Vical Incorporated, a San Diego-based biopharmaceutical company, and Astellas Pharma, Inc., a Tokyo-based pharmaceutical company, announced the initiation on Tuesday of a multi-national Phase III trial of a vaccine to control cytomegalovirus. Read More »

CDC advisory committee issues recommendation for egg-free vaccine option

The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices recently voted unanimously in favor of recommending FluBlok next flu season for use in individuals with egg allergies, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said. Read More »

Lifshitz Law Firm announces investigation of Dynavax and others

Lifshitz Law Firm announced on Tuesday that it is investigating Dynavax Technologies Corporation, Keynote Systems, Inc., sTec, Inc., and Vanguard Health Systems, Inc., for various violations. Read More »

Australian Senate calls on AVN to stop anti-vaccine campaigns

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Sir Elton John calls on U.K., U.S. to recommit to Global Fund

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Researchers use gold particles in novel vaccination method

Vanderbilt University researchers developed a novel vaccination method using tiny gold particles to mimic a virus and carry proteins to the body's specialized immune cells, according to a study published on Wednesday in Nanotechnology. Read More »

Researchers find influenza increases chances of bacterial pneumonia

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ACIP determines guidelines for GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis and Sanofi vaccines

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New research finds flu shot effective regardless of circulating strains

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International Medica Foundation sublicenses rotavirus vaccine for newborns

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International experts discuss antimicrobial resistance and superbugs

Over 70 experts in the field of antimicrobial resistance and healthcare-associated infections met in Annecy for the 4th World Healthcare-Associated Infections Forum from June 23-25. Read More »

Vaxart develops H7N9 vaccine

Vaxart announced on June 13 a successful preclinical trial of an oral H7N9 avian influenza vaccine just 20 days after receipt of the virus's gene sequence. Read More »