GAVI CEO discusses benefits of vaccines for women

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GAVI Alliance praises priority given to immunization in U.N. report

The GAVI Alliance welcomed the priority given to vaccines and health in the U.N. High Level Panel of Eminent Persons on the Post-2015 Development Agenda, the agency's CEO said last week. Read More »

ECDC announces confirmed cases of MERS coronavirus in Saudi Arabia

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control announced on Monday that there are 9 new cases of the MERS coronavirus in Saudi Arabia. Read More »

Hepatitis A outbreak linked to Costco frozen berry mix

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MSF conducts meningitis A vaccination campaign in South Sudan

Médecins Sans Frontières recently collaborated with the South Sudanese Ministry of Health to vaccinate more than 130,000 people against meningitis A in South Sudan's Upper Nile state. Read More »

Engineers create smartphone detector for cancer-causing virus

Engineers at Cornell University recently devised a new smartphone-based system for in-the-field detection of the herpes virus that causes Kaposi's sarcoma, a type of cancer linked to AIDS. Read More »

Colorado confirms 12 cases of hepatitis A from frozen berries

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Salim S. Abdool Karim appointed to lead U.N. HIV panel

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Emmy-winner Sarah Michelle Gellar joins pertussis campaign

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Illinois reports first West Nile virus positive mosquitoes

The Illinois Department of Public Health confirmed on Monday the first batch of West Nile virus positive mosquitoes in Illinois in 2013. Read More »

Surgeon discusses meningitis on Good Day L.A.

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MSF responds to crisis in Central African Republic

Médecins Sans Frontières continues to respond to the coup d'état in the Central African Republic by bringing health care to those suffering from disease and left without health care services. Read More »

TSRI scientists demonstrate new technique to selectively suppress harmful immune responses

A team of researchers from The Scripps Research Institute recently demonstrated a new technique to improve the selective repression of unwanted immune reactions while keeping the immune system as a whole intact. Read More »

Medicago reports positive interim results for H7N9 pre-clinical trial

Medicago, Inc., a Quebec City-based clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, reported positive interim results on Thursday for its preclinical trial for an H7N9 avian influenza virus-like particles vaccine candidate. Read More »

Researchers discover how malaria grows inside red blood cells

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NIAID scientists discover how HIV kills immune system

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Ban appeals to philanthropists to battle five deadly diseases

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Vaccination programs at schools could reduce flu deaths among children @VND

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Novavax creates MERS-CoV vaccine candidate

Novavax, Inc., announced on Thursday that it has created a vaccine candidate to battle the recently emerging Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus. Read More »

Study finds diversity of gut bacteria may raise vaccine immune response

Two studies conducted by the University of Maryland School of Medicine Institute for Genome Sciences and the Center for Vaccine Development found an increase in diversity of gut-bacteria impacted the immune response to a vaccination. Read More »