Computer simulations yield greater understanding of HIV

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NCD Global Action Plan recognizes importance of vaccination

The 66th World Health Assembly endorsed a global action plan last week that acknowledged the importance of vaccination in battling the increasing number of premature deaths from non-communicable diseases like cervical cancer. Read More »

New virus detection technique gives faster disease diagnosis

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ECDC releases new reports on HIV response

The European Center for Disease Control published a set of reports on May 27 showing how European Union member states have historically responded to the HIV/AIDS pandemic through 2012. Read More »

ECDC and EFSA release joint assessment on hepatitis A infections in Italy

Preliminary epidemiological and environmental investigations indicate that frozen berries may be the vehicle of infection for an outbreak of hepatitis A in Italy, the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control said on Wednesday. Read More »

Scientists call for project to develop next-generation vaccines

A group of leading scientists called for a human vaccines project to facilitate the development of next-generation vaccines against deadly diseases like malaria, tuberculosis and AIDS, the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative said on Thursday in an article. Read More »

Polio outbreak in Kenyan refugee complex contained

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Researchers find interleukin-22 may prevent post-influenza infections

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Ban: Fight against malaria at critical juncture

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UNAIDS to create international scientific consultation panel on HIV

The Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS is establishing an international scientific expert panel on HIV to ensure the best evidence is used to battle the deadly disease, the agency announced on Monday. Read More »

Paper shows new mathematical model for latent infections

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BD Medical launches prefillable glass syringe

BD Medical, a medical technology company, launched its prefillable glass syringe system on Monday, the BD Neopak, which addresses developmental, manufacturing and marketing challenges of biopharmaceutical injectable drugs. Read More »

NIAID to fund research network on resistance to antibiotics

Duke University received a $2 million award to start a clinical research network focused on antibacterial resistance, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases announced on Monday. Read More »

Hepatitis A outbreak from frozen berries spreads to Hawaii

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Study shows no benefit from double dose of influenza antiviral

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Merck for Mothers contributes to UNICEF's South African efforts

Merck announced Monday it will contribute nearly $500,000 to UNICEF's initiative to decrease maternal mortality, HIV and tuberculosis prevalence in South Africa over the next 10 years. Read More »

Sinovac names Nan Wang to position of CFO

Sinovac Biotech, Ltd., a China-based biopharmaceutical company, announced last week that Nan Wang, the company's vice president, has been appointed to the position of chief financial officer. Read More »

Peter Piot receives award for medical research during TICAD V

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Mosquitoes born in cooler temperatures have weaker immune systems

Scientists at Virginia Tech announced on Monday that mosquitoes that have been reared in colder climates are shown to have weaker immune systems. Read More »

DHEC Hepatitis B investigation continues

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