CDC sends scientists to respond to Los Angeles TB outbreak

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Cholera outbreak kills at least seven in Nigeria

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Scientific team discovers new method to create vaccine against Chikungunya virus

Scientists have recently developed a new method to create a potential vaccine against Chikungunya virus. Read More »

East Carolina University offering $20 iTunes card to encourage HPV vaccine uptake

East Carolina University's student health services center recently began offering compensation to students who complete the Genital Human Papilloma Virus vaccination cycle. Read More »

Scientists achieve breakthrough with universal flu vaccine candidate

Scientists from Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization recently contributed to the development of a new drug that could protect against pandemic and epidemic flu strains. Read More »

Rheumatic fever vaccine trials begin

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Rwandan success leads to use of dual-vaccine

Rwanda's success at fighting measles has lead to it becoming the first country to receive donor support to fight rubella, or German measles. Read More »

Texas A&M students build vaccine-refrigerating bicycle

Four engineering students from the University of Texas A&M recently created a more effective means of refrigerating and transporting vaccines. Read More »

Seventh death from novel coronavirus recorded

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Two February H1N1 flu deaths reported in Taiwan

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Brazil hit by dengue outbreak

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RxAlly and Shenandoah University team up to increase pneumocaccol vaccine uptake rates

The pharmacy alliance RxAlly recently announced that it has entered into a partnership with Shenandoah University's pharmacology school to collaborate on a pneumococcal-focused grant project Read More »

Public reassured about downtown L.A. TB outbreak

A top health official said on Tuesday that Angelenos are not in danger of contracting tuberculosis from an outbreak in the skid row neighborhood, though a police warning may be telling a different story. Read More »

New York clinic seeks smallpox vaccine test subjects

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Head of UN development program speaks about MDGs

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Inviragen advances to next stage of dengue vaccine study

Inviragen, Inc., recently announced that it has initiated the second stage of an ongoing Phase 2, randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled study of its investigational dengue virus vaccine DENVax. Read More »

Roche launches new process for access to data from clinical trials

Roche, a Basel, Switzerland-based biotechnology company, announced on Tuesday that it is expanding access to its clinical trial data for third-party researchers, increasing transparency in an effort to improve patient care. Read More »

U.K. amends patent law to ease restrictions for innovative trials

The United Kingdom's Intellectual Property Office recently amended a section of the Patents Act of 1977 to provide protection against patent infringement lawsuits to companies running trials of innovative products. Read More »

BHI to form Commercial Relevance Advisory Board

BioHealth Innovation, Inc., a regional private-public health partnership, recently announced plans to create a regional advisory board to evaluate local business opportunities. Read More »

Washington University researchers develop new air filter for viral particles

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