NIAID creates initiative for new genomic centers for infectious diseases

The National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases recently announced a new initiative that would create Genomic Centers for Infectious Diseases as a collaborative program to use sequencing data to learn more about pathogens. Read More »

West Virginia county participates in hepatitis B vaccination pilot program

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Chad readies launch of yellow fever vaccination campaign

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Australian boys to receive HPV vaccine

Australian boys aged 12-15 are slated to be the first in the world to receive Gardasil, a vaccine against human papillomavirus. Read More »

Google flu tracker faces hurdles

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U.S. federal court invalidates Bristol hepatitis B drug patent

Bristol-Myers Squibb announced on Tuesday that a U.S. federal court had invalidated the company's U.S. patent on its Baraclude treatment for hepatitis B. Read More »

Study shows current TB vaccine still effective in adults

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Health panel says universal flu vaccine still a decade away

Top federal health officials recently testified before Congress that while the United States has better flu defense today than it did a decade ago, it is still probably five to 10 years away from a workable "universal" flu vaccine. Read More »

GSK's chairman of R&D discusses late-stage therapies

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Egg-free vaccine receives FDA approval for distribution

Flublok, an egg-free flu vaccine developed by the Meriden, Connecticut-based Protein Sciences Corporation, recently received approval for distribution by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Read More »

Flu vaccine most effective against type B

European studies suggest that the seasonal influenza vaccine offers effective protection against influenza B viruses, but only moderate protection against influenza A. Read More »

Immunovaccine announces modified finance plan

Immunovaccine, Inc., a Nova Scotia-based clinical stage vaccine company, recently announced that it has altered its financing plans and will pursue a private placement of its securities instead of a public marketed option. Read More »

Helmedix receives $1.29 million in seed funding

Helmedix, an early stage biopharmaceutical company, received $1.29 million in start-up funding on Thursday from Australia's Medical Research Commercialization Fund to develop therapeutic drugs for treating autoimmune diseases. Read More »

Latest flu season drawing to a close but elderly still at risk

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Republic of Georgia plagued by hepatitis C

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New web tool serves as vaccine locator

A free, online tool was recently developed to aid adults in finding needed vaccines in their area. Read More »

Obama administration re-establishes public health advisory group

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recently announced the re-establishment of a public health group meant to assist the government in developing policy and program recommendations on healthcare practices. Read More »

WHO issues warning over SARS-like virus

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Petition concerning measles outbreak filed in Lahore High Court

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House subcommittee discusses flu season with health agency heads

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