TB vaccine developers express disappointment, pride

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Molecular biologist discusses new malaria vaccine with Tennessee students

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New syringe could cut HIV transmission

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GAVI to fund HPV vaccinations in eight countries

On World Cancer Day, the GAVI Alliance announced that it will fund human papillomavirus vaccinations for more than 180,000 girls in eight developing countries. Read More »

Researchers demonstrate successful use of injection-free vaccine

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NIH sponsors three influenza-related clinical trials

The National Institutes of Health announced on Tuesday that it recently sponsored three clinical trials seeking to find more effective influenza treatments at several dozen domestic and international sites. Read More »

Climate change requires altering influenza vaccine distribution

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Study of candidate malaria vaccine shows results in Ethiopia

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Study: Healthcare providers may be at greater risk for exposure to flu

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North Carolina researchers identify important gene in MRSA

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European Commission commits to fight against pregnancy-associated malaria

The European Commission recently dedicated six million Euros toward the development of a candidate vaccine against pregnancy-associated malaria. Read More »

Researchers examine failed RSV vaccine experiments to find new treatments

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Doctors Without Borders responds to South Sudan hepatitis E outbreak

Doctors Without Borders has treated 3,991 patients with hepatitis E in an recent outbreak escalating across refugee camps in Maban County, South Sudan, that has resulted in 88 deaths. Read More »

Mongolia holds meeting on sustainable immunization financing

Mongolia recently held its first national parliamentary briefing on sustainable immunization financing, discussing how best to finance immunizations after funding from the GAVI Alliance ends. Read More »

Pakistan cancels anti-polio campaign following mounting violence

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Vermont legislator introduces bill to eliminate pertussis vaccine exemptions

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Rwanda commissions study on hepatitis B prevalence

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Researchers block previously unstudied hepatitis B enzyme

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Vietnam steps up efforts in bird flu fight

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ECDC publishes seasonal influenza epidemic risk assessment

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