High pulmonary TB incidence recorded in Ugandan children with severe pneumonia

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Flu season peaks in Minnesota

Public health officials in Minnesota recently said that the worst portion of the influenza season is likely over. Read More »

Vermont health department provides $45,000 grant for Twin States Network

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Pakistan immunizes 2.9 million children against polio and measles

The World Health Organization recently announced that a combined polio and measles campaign in Pakistan has reached more than 2.9 million children ranging in age from nine months to 10 years of age. Read More »

Latent TB bacteria can hide in marrow cells

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CEL-SCI collaborates on development of investigational breast cancer treatment

CEL-SCI Corporation recently announced that it has produced a new investigational vaccine for breast cancer in collaboration with Northeast Ohio Medical University. Read More »

Fractional dose of inactivated poliovirus can induce priming

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Indian TB vaccine lab set to reopen

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European Union delays bTB vaccine to 2023

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Gates Foundation announces 2013 vaccination innovation award winner

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EU funding leishmaniasis vaccine

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Flu patients emit more virus into air during routine health visits

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CBPP vaccination program set to begin in the Gambia

The Gambia's Ministry of Agriculture recently announced that it would start a nationwide herd vaccination exercise in February against contagious bovine pleuro pneumonia. Read More »

Foster care vaccination waiver bill clears committee in Arizona

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UN FAO issues warning about avian flu

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The Gambia experiences major vaccine success with measles, polio

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Key TB vaccine candidate fails to offer added benefit in trial

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Vical Incorporated announces results of herpes vaccine trial

Vical Incorporated, a San Diego-based gene-based treatment and vaccine company, announced the results on Monday of a study testing its Vaxfectin-formulated plasmid DNA herpes vaccine on guinea pigs. Read More »

Delaware receives major HHS vaccine grant

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Study identifies groups of children at risk for TB in U.S.

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