Progress made on new TB drug

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Boy dies from superbug infection at NIH hospital

A seventh person has died as a result of infection from a drug-resistant superbug at the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center. Read More »

Scientist map critical portion of anti-influenza antibody

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Swine-origin flu variant cases continue in U.S.

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Old bacterium researched as possible TB antibiotic

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New laser injection more painless and accurate than needle injection

New research from Seoul National University in South Korea is exploring the possibility of injecting flu shots through painless microjet injections instead of through hypodermic needles. Read More »

Sarah Chalke joins Faces of Influenza as national spokesperson

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Former Saudi minister asks militants to allow polio vaccine

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Sierra Leone cholera cases now above 18,000

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Dengue fever cases increase in Costa Rica

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Karzai kicks off polio campaign

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China and Vietnam face H5N1 outbreaks

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Washington state increases immunization opt-out restrictions

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South Africa will open $8 million TB/HIV facility in October

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Avian malaria reported in Alaska

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Red Cross warns of cholera in Sierra Leone

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S.D. reports first two influenza cases of the season

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Inmate in Kentucky jail tests positive for TB

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Indian scientists use TB-related bacterium to boost TB vaccine

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Companies receive NIH grant for malaria vaccine regimen

Protein Potential, LLC., and Aduro BioTech, Inc., were recently awarded a National Institutes of Health grant to develop two novel vaccines against malaria. Read More »