Health officials warn that next few years critical in TB fight

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Prior cholera sources continue to cause U.S. cases

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British researcher creates vaccine against hospital superbug

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WHO study shows link between TB, diabetes

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Babies born to HIV-positive mothers have increased risk for measles

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Antibiotic shows promise against XDR-TB

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Study determines best treatment timeline for MRSA-related pneumonia

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Cholera outbreak in China declared over

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Malaria returns to Greece following economic cuts

Funding cuts to mosquito control programs may be leading to a reemergence of malaria in economically shattered Greece. Read More »

Oxfam casts doubt on malaria drug financing scheme

Oxfam, a charity with the goal of targeting poverty and injustice, cast doubt on an international scheme meant to boost effective malaria treatment. Read More »

Officials investigate active TB cluster in N.D.

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GSK announces results of quadrivalent flu vaccine studies

GlaxoSmithKline recently announced results from Phase III studies of two candidate quadrivalent influenza vaccines. Read More »

TB treatment shown effective in CKD patients

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Physicists use magnets and light to detect malaria

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New oral vaccines could replace needle vaccinations

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Fungal meningitis outbreak rises to 308

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently announced that 11 more cases of fungal meningitis linked to a Massachusetts compounding pharmacy have been reported, including the first case from Georgia. Read More »

Irish E. coli outbreak affects nearly 300 restaurant patrons

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Canada reports first measles outbreak in Saskatoon in 15 years

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Researchers discover promising target for TB drugs

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Compound increases antibiotic effectiveness against MSRA

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