Health officials confirm four more cases of SARS-like virus

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DR Congo Ebola outbreak officially ends

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Australian scientists concerned by anti-immunization lobby

Australian scientists fear that the anti-immunization lobby has inspired dramatically increasing numbers of parents to refuse to vaccinate their children and possibly left the country open to infection. Read More »

FDA say new TB treatment appears safe and effective

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently announced that a novel drug being developed to treat a drug-resistant form of tuberculosis appears safe. Read More »

AAFP recruits family medicine practices for adolescent immunization project

The American Academy of Family Physicians announced on Monday that it would recruit 20 family medicine practices to participate in an adolescent immunization project sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Read More »

FDA uses firefly chemistry to evaluate TB vaccines

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently conducted a study that suggests a laboratory test based on firefly chemistry could effectively evaluate how potent tuberculosis vaccines are in eliciting immune responses. Read More »

Study demonstrates potential effectiveness of DNA TB testing

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Shelby County, Tennessee aggressive against TB

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Australian scientists warn that vaccine objectors could harm others

Top Australian immunization specialists recently expressed concern related to the rising number of vaccine objectors since 1999, warning that parents are putting children at risk of infectious diseases. Read More »

Indian man profiled by Wall Street Journal receives TB treatment

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Established family of drugs could be effective against TB

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Nigerian region TB rates increase in 2012

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Wolfe: Deadly pandemic is highly likely this century

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U.K. farmers protest more stringent TB protocols

The U.K. South West National Farmers Union Livestock Board is calling for a delay to changes in bovine tuberculosis testing rules and movement controls until a wildlife cull begins. Read More »

UNAIDS and Stop TB Partnership to collaborate

The Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS and the Stop TB Partnership recently signed a memorandum of understanding to work collaboratively for the next three years. Read More »

Efficacy of microneedle vaccine patches demonstrated

Researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently demonstrated that the measles vaccine remains effective for at least 30 days when placed onto microneedles. Read More »

Researchers develop vaccine for leishmaniasis

Scientists with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's Office of Blood Research and Review recently developed a live-attenuated vaccine for visceral leishmaniasis, a tropical disease that infects 12 million people annually. Read More »

German mRNA influenza vaccine can be produced in weeks

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New Zealand PhD student receives $250,000 TB research scholarship

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Scientists use weather forecast techniques for flu outbreak prediction

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