Study identifies MRSA in U.S. wastewater treatment plants

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Researchers use cell phone data to stop malaria spread

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Third MMR dose likely stopped 2009-2010 New York mumps outbreak

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CDC enhances capacity against polio

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Report: Dengue fever may infect 37 million annually in India

Dengue fever, a viral infection that 40 percent of humans are at risk of contracting worldwide, may be infecting 37 million people annually in India, according to a tropical disease expert. Read More »

Yellow fever outbreak in Darfur kills 67

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Sanofi Pasteur teams with Chris O'Donnell to promote flu vaccine

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South Sudan begins polio campaign

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Antibiotic-resistant bacteria found in hundreds of Canadian hotel rooms

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Expensive drugs could threaten TB treatment access in Nigeria, worldwide

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Afghanistan's lack of routine immunizations increases childhood deaths

Afghanistan is attempting to increase its vaccination coverage after the deaths of 300 children were attributed to a lack of routine immunizations against measles. Read More »

American College of Physicians urges physicians to talk vaccines

The American College of Physicians is urging all adults to get the annual influenza vaccination and to discuss their immunization records with their internist. Read More »

Malaria vaccine modestly beneficial in infants

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Infectious diseases may be older than previously thought

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Doctors fear West Nile virus could be more virulent

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Healthcare workers vulnerable to H5N1 influenza

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Viral symbionts of parasites can increase virulence to host

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Texas Biomed receives $2 million award for Chagas disease identification project

The Texas Biomedical Research Institute announced on Monday that it will receive $2 million as part of an identification project to determine treatment efficacy for Chagas disease. Read More »

CDC to announce new polling data on antibiotics use in U.S.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently announced that it would present new data on antibiotic use and understanding in the United States during its Get Smart About Antibiotics Week. Read More »

WHO members agree to global framework to monitor noncommunicable diseases

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