Measles outbreak kills 12 children in Pakistan

An outbreak of measles in a lawless Pakistan tribal district has killed 12 children and is spreading as curfews, power cuts and fighting have led to a shortage of vaccinations. Read More »

Profectus BioSciences receives $5.6M grant for Nipah/Hendra vaccine

Profectus Biosciences, Inc., a technology-based vaccine developer, announced on Wednesday that it has received a $5.6 million grant to support the preclinical development of a human vaccine against the Hendra and Nipah virus infections. Read More »

Australian triathlete in medical isolation with possible TB

Australian Olympic triathlete Brad Kahlefeldt was recently placed in isolation at a San Diego hospital with symptoms that point to tuberculosis. Read More »

Montana county fights worst ever pertussis outbreak

Health officials in Missoula County, Montana, recently called an outbreak of pertussis, or whooping cough, the worst in the area's history. Read More »

Maryland proposes additional pertussis, chicken pox booster requirement

The state of Maryland is proposing a new set of vaccination guidelines that would require incoming kindergartners to get a chicken pox booster and seventh graders to get a booster against tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis. Read More »

Theraclone Sciences reports positive phase 1 trial results for influenza A antibody

Theraclone Sciences, Inc., a Seattle-based therapeutic antibody developer, announced positive top-line data from its phase 1 trial of a broadly protective, fully human monoclonal antibody meant to treat infections of influenza A. Read More »

Global Fund board meets in Geneva

The board of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, recently met in Geneva, Switzerland, for the first time since the arrival of new General Manager Gabriel Jaramillo. Read More »

Anti-malaria groups warn of growing insecticide resistance

Several global health groups recently announced the development of a strategy to fight the emergence of insecticide resistance in malaria-carrying mosquitoes. Read More »

Scientists create malaria vaccine from algae

Biologists at the University of California - San Diego have created a genetically-engineered algae that produces possible candidates for a malaria vaccine. Read More »

Active TB patient charged for refusing to take meds

A San Joaquin County tuberculosis patient has been arrested for missing medical appointments and failing to take his medication, acts that could pose a danger to public health. Read More »

British scientists trace spread of superbug through healthcare system

A new study from Great Britain suggests that hospitals in large cities may be acting as breeding grounds for the superbug methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus before spreading it to smaller hospitals. Read More »

First phase of Haiti cholera vaccination campaign completed

The first phase of a cholera vaccination campaign in Haiti was recently completed after the medicine was distributed to 50,000 adults and children over the age of nine. Read More »

Experts concerned about Western Hemisphere dengue outbreaks

Public health experts are troubled by new outbreaks of dengue fever in the Western Hemisphere that have the possibility of becoming a global health problem more difficult to control than malaria. Read More »

Non-profit teams with mining company for TB vaccine trials

Aeras, a non-profit organization with 12 tuberculosis vaccine candidates, has agreed in principle to a deal with Anglo American to make its Southern African mines available for vaccination trials. Read More »

Cambodia sees 1,500 cases of Chikungunya

Public health officials in Cambodia recently reported that they have seen 1,500 cases of the dengue-like illness Chikungunya in the last year. Read More »

Australian triathlete cleared of TB

Australian Olympic triathlete Brad Kahlefeldt was recently cleared of tuberculosis after suffering chest pains during a competition and is scheduled to be discharged soon from a San Diego hospital. Read More »

Vietnam launches avian flu prevention project

Vietnam's Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development will implement a $300,000 project to prevent the occurrence of avian influenza over the course of the next year in nine different cities and provinces. Read More »

Work starts on $30 million TB hospital in Afghanistan

Afghanistan has started work on a $30 million hospital to treat tuberculosis, a bacterial disease that infects 53,000 Afghans annually. Read More »

U.N.'s Ban Ki-Moon calls for polio eradication support

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon recently urged nations participating in the upcoming World Health Assembly in Geneva to deliver on their promise to eradicate polio. Read More »

Montana responds to largest pertussis outbreak since 2005

A pertussis, or whooping cough, outbreak in Montana has spread to more than 200 people, marking the state's highest number of laboratory-confirmed cases since 2005. Read More »