Federal vaccine campaign targets parents in Northwest

Top health officers in the federal governments are campaigning for the medical community in the northwest part of the country to improve its vaccination rates. Read More »

Lagos could be malaria-free by 2013

The Nigerian government announced the goal of making the state of Lagos free of malaria by 2013 while ECOWAS and Cuba have extended their partnership to stop malaria in West Africa by 2015. Read More »

U.S. government is largest funder of global health research

The United States government is the largest funder of worldwide health research and development, accounting for 45 percent of total global investment. Read More »

Indian health officials confirm eight patients resistant to all known TB drugs

India's National Tuberculosis Institute recently validated the retesting of eight patients from a Mumbai hospital whose TB infections have shown at least partial resistance to all known TB drugs. Read More »

Merseyside measles outbreak passes 200 cases

There have now been more than 200 measles cases confirmed in Merseyside, United Kingdom, in the largest outbreak in the area since 1988, according to the Health Protection Agency. Read More »

New phase III pediatric influenza vaccine data presented

Sanofi Pasteur, the vaccines division of the global and diversified healthcare company Sanofi, announced new phase III data on Tuesday for its investigational quadrivalent influenza vaccine for children. Read More »

Indian drug-resistant TB cases responding well

Five tuberculosis patients in a Mumbai hospital who are infected with a form of the illness that shows resistance to all known TB drugs are reportedly responding well to treatment. Read More »

New fabric embedded with mosquito repellent

Two Cornell University researchers from Africa recently created a hooded body suit molecularly embedded with an insecticide to repel mosquitoes that could carry the malaria virus. Read More »

FAST-XDR-Detect project develops faster XDR-TB detection

The EU-funded FAST-XDR-Detect project has developed assays for sensitive and rapid detection of multi drug resistant and extensive drug resistant tuberculosis to allow authorities to initiate proper treatment correction measures. Read More »

Study: Dengue fever costs Puerto Rico nearly $40 million annually

A new report found that dengue fever is causing a $37.8 million burden every year on Puerto Rico and that $1 invested in prevention and surveillance could save $5 worth of illness costs. Read More »

Global Fund will cut more than 100 jobs

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria announced on Wednesday that it is slashing more than 100 jobs after a scandal and a difficult financial period in which millions of dollars disappeared. Read More »

New strain of foot and mouth detected in Gaza Strip

A new strain of foot and mouth disease has been discovered in the Gaza Strip and threatens to continue its spread after being first detected in Libya and Egypt in February. Read More »

Scientists modifying mosquitoes to prevent dengue

Oxitec Ltd., a U.K. biotechnology start-up company, wants to begin tests in the United States to genetically modify mosquitoes carrying dengue fever to make their offspring self-destruct. Read More »

Botswana sells FMD vaccine to Egypt

For the first time ever, the Botswana Vaccine Institute has sold its foot and mouth disease vaccine to Egypt, which has experienced an outbreak of a new strain of the deadly virus. Read More »

Vermont vaccine bill to allow exemptions passes House

The Vermont House of Representatives voted on Thursday to continue to allow parents to use philosophical exemptions to opt their children out of vaccinations. Read More »

UGA researcher receives $2.82 million TB grant

A University of Georgia College of Public Health researcher has received a five year, $2.82 million grant to examine the transmission of tuberculosis in African urban environments. Read More »

Wash. opens up emergency money to stop whooping cough epidemic

Washington Governor Christine Gregoire opened up an emergency fund on Thursday in an effort to contain a whooping cough epidemic that has hospitalized 20 children under the age of one in 2012. Read More »

Cuba will start clinical trials for pneumonia vaccine

The director of the Finlay Institute announced last week that Cuba will begin clinical trials for a pneumonia vaccine later this year using a drug developed jointly by the institute and the Center for Biomolecular Chemistry. Read More »

Low MMR vaccine uptake blamed for measles' return to Sussex

Dozens of cases of measles have been reported in Sussex, United Kingdom, this year, and the spread of the disease has been attributed to the low uptake of the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine. Read More »

Malaysian TB outbreak claims 53 lives

Fifty-three people have died as a result of a tuberculosis outbreak in the Malaysian state of Johor in 2012 and authorities are asking those suffering from the disease to quickly seek treatment. Read More »